Information About Aphrodisiacs and Libido Boosters|Enhancers

Aphrodisiacs or libido boosters had been in use since the beginning of human race to achieve a satisfying sexual experience.

In ancient times the people of Inca and Mayan civilizations have been reported to have used herbs as libido booster and the aborigines of the Amazon even now use herbs as aphrodisiacs.The biological urge to reproduce is very strong in all living beings which is difficult to overcome.The love between partners is not complete without lovemaking.It is the strongest emotional need for a person not only for the propagation of species but also for intimacy and bonding that is needed for strengthening the relationship.Though humans generally enjoy good sexual life,they are also prone to sexual dysfunctions and may need libido enhancers to enhance the sex life.

Sex has an important role to play in our lives and it alone decides whether we lead a happy married life or not.It was found that the main reason for the exploding divorce rates is usually the dissatisfaction in sex life.Hence libido enhancers have a role to play in restoring our sexual health and family happiness.Due to increased life expectancy even the elderly can enjoy a satisfying sex life due to the availability of these aphrodisiacs.

Sexual dysfunctions can be frustrating and can result in psychological disorders.They have the capacity to blow up the relationship itself.In U.S about half of heterosexual couples suffer from sexual dysfunction at one time or other.Sometimes they are temporary and vanish after sometime allowing the relationship to flourish again.But at times they need the help of a libido booster to overcome sexual dysfunction.Most of these are common in mild forms and are listed below.

1.Male and female arousal disorders and erectile dysfunction

2.Lack of male or female libido or lack of sexual desire disorders.

3.Orgasm disorders such as premature ejaculation or delay in ejaculation.

If you are suffering from sexual dysfunction you are not alone.Fortunately there are many effective natural libido boosters that do not have the side effects of Viagra and many people are gradually opting for natural aphrodisiacs that do not have harmful side effects.

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