Asthma Remedy

What is asthma ?

In Greek asthma means panting.This a chronic respiratory disease affecting millions of people world wide.It is a potentially fatal disease if proper treatment is not given in time.

When you inhale air,it is taken to the small air sacs called alveoli( wherein the exchange of oxygen and carbondioxide occurs between inhaled fresh air and the blood in our body) in the lungs through a bunch of air passage tubes with gradually decreasing diameter.

These tubes with bigger and fixed diameter are called bronchi and have rigid rings of cartilage which allow slight or no change to the diameter.

The tubes with smaller diameter are called bronchioles that have muscular walls capable of contraction or expansion of the bore(diameter) of the tube.In asthma patients,bronchioles are extremely sensitive to stimulation by external agents.When harmless substances in the environment such as pollen,smoke,dust mite...etc..are inhaled,the immune system mistakenly identifies them as invaders,and overacts to activate the immune defenders situated in the air passage causing inflammation and constriction and also production of mucus which blocks the air flow, further aggravating the situation.Now the person gasps for air but unable to breath.The person becomes agitated and exhausted by the futile efforts to breath.This is called asthma attack which may last for only minutes or remain for extended periods.The attack can be sudden or gradual and may happen any time of the day or night.

What causes asthma?

The causes of asthma are not clear but if it runs in the family you may inherit it. Asthma is jokingly referred to as part of the inheritance you receive from your parents which you cannot refuse.The key causes are as follows.



3.Environment factors and substances such as smoke,pollen,dust mite,fungi,animal hair...etc...

In fact any thing may trigger asthma attack and it differs from person to person.

Obesity can be a contributing factor.

What are the symptoms of asthma?

The symptoms are

1.Shortness of breath

2.chest tightness

3.Wheezing with cough

4.Skin color changes to blueish tinge.

what is asthma remedy ?

The main thing is to know what triggers asthma attack and take preventive measures. Western medicine does not have cure for asthma,only supportive care and control of the disease.There are many drugs and inhalers available that clear the air passage to make breathing easy.It is advisable to be under doctor's care to know exactly what is suitable for you.For immediate relief,inhalers help.

What are the helpful tips?

1.Consult your doctor to devise an action plan for asthma attack.

2.Be careful with exercises since for some the exercise may trigger an asthma attack.

3.Lose weight.

4.Keep your house environment clean.

5.Give up alcohol and smoking.

6.Join support groups to get advice and support.

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