It Is Time To Start Your Beginner Workout Routine Program Now

Want to plan your beginner workout routine program today? You have to start at some point in your life .Why not now? Any time is good for beginning your workouts for fitness and losing weight.

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There are mainly two types of people who begin such workout routine namely those who are interested in building muscles and those sedentary people who want to lose weight and also want to stretch and rejuvenate the seldom used muscles. The former seek intensive workouts and the latter want moderate ones.

There are also those who want, not only to lose weight but also to build muscles and those who seek to build muscle and gain weight too through workouts. The individual workout plan varies according to individual needs.

The physical body is a wonderful biological machine. Any man made machine wears out gradually due to usage and becomes weak in performance. Immediate service is necessary to change the worn out parts to make it usable again.

On the other hand the physical body becomes stronger due to regular usage. The converse is also true wherein the physical body wastes away due to non usage. Any organ in the body if not used regularly withers and becomes weak, acquiring a shrunk appearance. The rule ‘use it or lose it’ is true as far as the body is concerned.

Does that mean any one can start doing workouts? The answer is a big emphatic NO. Workouts are good only for those who do not suffer from any health issues such as heart and other problems. It is advisable for all especially those with health issues to consult their physician before starting workouts and also to device a suitable diet and workout plan for them.

Every one has a body unique to that person, having slightly different parameters and needs compared to others. So the individual body requirements differ from person to person be it nutrition or the amount of food or workouts. These requirements change according to age , medical conditions and metabolism. The workout needs of a well grown young adult male is different from that of a woman or an old man.

Benefits of workouts

Workouts are helpful in getting into shape to make you beautiful. Workouts tone up the body by counteracting the sag of unused muscles and overstretched skin. Workouts help in restoring the elasticity of muscular tone which is vital for a good shapely body.

Workouts are useful in reducing the bad cholesterol(LDL) levels in the blood which contribute to the thickening of the artery walls by depositing fat on the walls which might lead to heart attack. Regular workouts also stimulate the formation of good cholesterol(HDL) which carry the extra cholesterol to the liver where it is transformed into bile and excreted through gall bladder.

Studies show that moderate workouts in fact suppresses appetite and physically inactive people eat more than those who are active. Moderate workouts make you breathe full increasing the oxygen intake resulting in proper oxidation which makes you feel energetic. Such workouts help release a substance called endorphin which has morphine like qualities making you feel good. Women who exercise regularly have less menstrual problems

The other benefits of workouts are that they boost the metabolic rate which is useful in burning excess fat, increase joint mobility to protect against arthritis, improve the blood circulation thereby improving health, help in getting good sleep which is vital for a healthy body, help the body secret more insulin to reduce the risk of diabetes, strengthens the bones and delay the onset of osteoporosis, boost the immune system to fight common infections like cold and other infectious diseases, build muscle, and also lower the levels of leptin, the hormone responsible for weight gain. Regular workouts also reduce anxiety, improve the frequency and quality of sex, improve the overall quality of life and can increase the life span by adding a few years.

Getting started

Getting started is always a problem since most of us resist change especially if you are used to the easy and lazy routine. Besides, your muscles are not ready for action if you had led a sedentary life but once you force yourself into a workout routine, it becomes easier.

More than 95% of workout plans fail because of the boredom of monotony. How to avoid boredom and stay motivated?

The trick is to convert your workouts into a fun game involving physical activity such as football or volleyball. Make a habit of playing any game that you like because games are nothing but hard physical workouts.

It is also wise to choose a friend to exercise with because it helps in strengthening the motivation to continue and also exercising with a friend is always less boring than doing it alone.

Set achievable goals you believe you can achieve because studies show that once you believe you can achieve a goal you are sure to do it. However small your goal may be, it boosts your confidence once you achieve it. This makes you stick with the workout plan with zeal and now you are willing to raise the bar to set even higher goals. On the other hand if you set an impossible goal you will give up the program when you see you are not making any progress.

What is the ideal frequency and duration of exercises? These parameters differ according to the goal and the physical condition of the person. Generally workouts every alternate day is recommended because the muscles need 48 hours time to rest and rebuild. The ideal duration of workout is 30 minutes.

Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercise is a broad term encompassing exercises such as cycling, swimming, jogging, skipping, aerobic dance, climbing uphill and brisk walking. It is the process of increasing the oxygen intake thereby improving the health and strength of organs connected to oxygen circulation system such as lung, heart and blood vessels. These involve the whole body hence improve the overall health of the body. Choose one of these aerobic exercises you like and stick to it with determination.

Apart from aerobic exercises it is also important to add strength training to your workout regimen if you are medically fit. Strength training is good for bone health, reverses muscle loss, boosts metabolism and can restore your lost muscles.

Make your beginner workout routine program a success.

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Once the initial difficult period passes, your body gets adjusted to the regimen and it becomes easier and even enjoyable after some time. Now is the time to increase the intensity of the training gradually to get a stronger body.

Exercises side effects

Though workout has many benefits, it has a down side too if overdone. Here are some of them. These are inevitable in the quest for fitness and most are minor. These are sour muscles, sprains, strains, appearance of blisters, swelling of muscles, and even fractures for which appropriate treatment should be taken.

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