Important Binaural Beats Information And How To Benefit From It?

To understand binaural beats it is important to know about brain waves and their characteristics.

Throughout it's life span, our brain emits waves of different frequencies (measured in units called Hertz or Hz)and amplitudes depending upon it's state and function. These brain waves are called gamma,beta,alpha,theta and delta waves and are emitted all the time but the one with dominant frequency determines and indicates your current mental state, though other waves also will be present with lesser amplitudes and so not dominant.

1.Gamma waves have the frequency range of above 40 Hz and are predominant during high brain activity,problem solving and fear.

2.Beta waves have the frequency range between 13-40 Hz and are predominant when our brain is active,busy or anxious.It is also associated with concentration,arousal and cognition.

3.Alpha waves have the frequency range between 7-13 Hz and are associated with relaxation in the waking state.

4.Theta waves have the frequency range between 7-4 Hz and are associated with deep meditation,REM sleep and dreaming.

5.Delta waves have below 4 frequencies and are associated with deep sleep and loss of awareness of body.

It was found that by altering the frequencies of the brain it is possible to alter the state of mind.For example by reducing the frequency of brain waves it is possible to attain the calm and relaxed state of mind that can be obtained only through long meditation.To achieve different states of mind by altering the brain wave frequencies,the tool used is binaural beats .

Binaural beats is a process when two sounds slightly different in frequencies say 405 Hz and 395 Hz are introduced to the two ears through head phones,the brain perceives the difference of 10 Hz between them and tends to align itself with this frequency which alters the state of mind.This perceived resultant frequency is called binaural beats and the alignment to this frequency is called 'entrainment'.

The benefits of are as follows.

1.It is used for mind relaxation.

2.Helps to achieve improvements in memory retention.

3.Improves learning capabilities.

4.It also can be used for treating insomnia,anxiety,panic attacks and to improve self confidence.

5.Helps to achieve higher planes of meditation to acquire powers of telepathy,hypnosis,remote viewing etc.. Watch this video.

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Make use of binaural beats now to transform your life.

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