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Brain Tumor Glioblastoma

The very words brain tumor and brain glioblastoma creates lot of fear in the minds of people, hence study of this disease is important so that we know how to deal with it.

What is cancer and how it occurs?

Our body is made up of billions of tiny microscopic individual cells and every day many die and are replaced by new ones which are created by controlled cell division.Cell division is important for the growth and maintenance of the body.However,when the cell division becomes uncontrolled it becomes cancerous. Cancer or tumor is uncontrolled cell division which can occur in any part of the body.There are two types, benign and malignant.Benign tumor does not spread and can be cured by removal by surgery or other methods and the problem ends there.Malignant tumor is more dangerous since the root may lie elsewhere other than the spot of affliction hence mere removal does not cure the disease as it can occur again in any other part of the body due to the presence of the root, the location of which is difficult to ascertain.

What is brain tumor ?

When the uncontrolled cell division occurs in brain,it is called brain tumor.The problem with brain tumor is that the brain is enclosed in skull for it's safety and the space for growth is limited.So any type of tumor,benign or malignant causes problems to the neighboring tissues and can destroy them.

There are two types of malignant tumors,primary and secondary.Primary tumors are the ones which originate in brain cells and secondary tumors are the ones which have roots elsewhere.Malignant tumors are graded according to the rate of growth and the rate at which they spread.

What is brain glioblastoma?

The words brain glioblastoma or GBM which means 'glioblastoma multiforme' is a primary brain tumor affecting majority of brain tumor patients.It affects more men than women.

What are the symptoms of brain tumor?

The symptoms depend on the location and the speed of growth of the tumor.

The symptoms are headaches,nausea,vomiting,seizures,hearing and vision problems,personality changes etc..

What are the treatments given?

The treatments vary according to the age of the patient and the severity of the tumor.The treatments are surgery,radiotherapy and chemotherapy.Along with medical treatment,counseling is necessary since the patient's psyche too is affected.

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