How To Burn Belly Fat To Lose Belly Flab|Fat And To Lose Abdominal Fat ?

Is there a way to lose fat without doing those boring workouts?

Do you know that now it is easier lose belly fat?

Is there a FDA approved ab toner?

Do these ab machines really work?

If these questions had been haunting you,your search for answers ends here.

Hi...My name is Peria.I am 59 years old and got rid of my obesity successfully and I created this website to tell others my story how I did it.

A body with rippling muscles and minimum fat deposits always receives admiring looks from others.As in all other species,humans both male and female are biologically programmed to be attracted to the healthy opposite sex partners to ensure the birth of healthy progeny.

We can know about the health of another person just by taking a mere look at the body. The look gives the general outward indication about the health of the person.

A body with attractive and prominent muscles and with minimum fat deposits is a good outward indicator of good health and is a definite attraction.

The stomach muscles especially attract particular attention.A well proportioned male body with six pack abs is a sure turn on for females and a woman with a flat belly is very attractive to a male.

You must burn belly fat to improve your health and also looks.It is your duty to be healthy so that you can live long to protect,guide and nurture your loving family who depend on you.So to improve your health and looks it is imperative to burn belly fat the healthy way.

How to lose belly flab which is ugly and unhealthy?

One of the less discussed fallout of obesity is flab which is nothing but accumulation of fat under the skin to create folds hanging loose all over the body.Over and above being a health hazard,it is outright ugly and repulsive and gives you the aged look.No wonder,people want to lose flab fast mainly to regain their looks than to gain health which is secondary.

Your metabolism is unique to you and differs from others. Metabolism has a rate of functioning which is fast or slow.If your metabolism rate is slow then you tend to acquire fat and flab and a fast metabolism rate means just the opposite.

The other cause of flab is bad eating habits.Food is the source from which our body gets energy and heat.When you have bad eating habits and take wrong foods,the body stores the excess energy it gets in the form of fat and flab over a period of time

Being fat and flabby can also be in your genes.In other words you may be pre-programmed to become fat and flabby.Children born of fat parents tend to become fat.Heredity does play a role in the fat distribution pattern in your body.

Lack of proper physical activity coupled with overeating can also cause obesity.If the body does not burn up the energy it gets from the food intake by way of physical activity you tend to put on more weight|fat.Regular appropriate exercises help fight obesity.

I was obese once and had the fattest belly in my neighborhood and often had to bear with the snide remarks since my huge belly seemed to be an extra fitting to my body which moved in front of me dragging me along whenever I walked which was almost comical.It seemed as if my huge belly had a personality of it's own by taking over my body and dictating terms to me.I worked hard for nine months(because I was advised to go slow due to my age) to shed my abdominal fat and it was not easy.

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