Learn Computer Virus Removal-Know How To Fix Computer Virus

Studies show that Computer virus removal software that are created to fix computer virus menace,is more popular with home computer users compared to small and medium business people who seldom use anti virus measures and pay the price for it.

In the early days, the internet usage was limited and computer virus spread through infected floppy discs. As more and more people started using internet, the virus designers chose the modem to spread computer viruses whose damage potential was limited to self reproduction only.As virus programming became more advanced, the damage potential also increased.To counter this, anti virus software is created to prevent,detect and remove the whole range of computer malicious ware such as ad ware, spy ware, Trojan horses, viruses, worms, rootkits etc.

There are methods to safeguard your computer that will greatly minimize the risk of getting infected with computer viruses. Safeguarding the individual computer by installing anti virus software is a method mostly used by home users.

Another more efficient method known as CloudAV method wherein all received documents or files are checked for the presence of multiple malicious wares at the same time so that the disinfection process can start for all the detected ones. This also ensures that the document is safe to use before opening it.

Installing Firewall is another effective anti virus measure. Firewall can be defined as system inside the computer or network that makes it possible to block unauthorized access but allow authorized ones. The firewall may have single or a set of devices configured for the purpose of eliminating unauthorized entry which is the main cause of virus infection. Firewalls are not to be confused with anti virus systems. Firewalls do not try to detect or remove viruses.

Online scanning if done at regular intervals will help in detection and removal of any virus.

Another method is to use free specialist tools to remove various individual viruses. There are many free tools available for this purpose.

Make sure that the browser you use is the latest updated one and at present the favored one is Firefox.

Exercise caution when downloading files or software and make sure that the download source is a trusted one.

You should never open any email attachments or files from unknown sources. Scan all files and attachments before opening.

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