How To Find Your Love|Soul Mate|Spouse Through Dating Relationships?

The marriage is the most important event in oneís life and so you may be eager to know how to find your soul mate|love|spouse.Dating is the most powerful method to get to know your would be spouse and to get married.There are some steps you should take to find your right spouse.

Step 1 of how to find your love|soul mate|spouse through dating relationships:

Before trying to find your soul mate or love through dating relationships,honestly assess yourself whether you are ready for marriage.There are some questions you should ask yourself before proceeding further to find a mate.Are you healthy physically,mentally and financially to support and nurture a family set up?Do you have any addiction problems?Do you have any dependents who will be affected or will suffer due to your decision to start a family life?If your answers to these questions are satisfactory to you,then you can proceed further.

Step2 of how to find your love|soul mate|spouse through dating relationships:

A good spouse should have the qualities of honesty,mutual respect,loyalty,open mindedness, trust,mental stability,truthfulness,modesty,eagerness to strengthen the relationship,healthy mind and body,strength of character and humbleness.The ideal spouse should not have any addiction issues.Of course no one can be perfect and there are bound to be other insignificant aberrations which can be forgiven.

Another important requirement is that the spouses should be physically attractive to each other.Physical attraction is important for marital relationship in the beginning which matures into a true selfless love in due course.They also should have mental compatibility.Their likes should be similar,not conflicting.

Step 3 of how to find your love|soul mate|spouse through dating relationships:

Find a good dating service and give a full description about yourself regarding your dreams,aims,future plans and your positive and negative traits.Be very honest about it to avoid future problems.It takes lot of courage and strength of character to admit your shortcomings and will surely impress your would be spouse who in turn will open up to confess his or her weak points.This will definitely strengthen the trust factor which is basic to any relationship.

Step 4 of how to find your love|soul mate|spouse through dating relationships:

A good dating service will quickly match profiles and start sending suitable suitorsí profiles to you.Go through them carefully but do not decide just by looking at the profiles which may be misleading.Choose the most matching profile that you like and ask for a date.If the suitor likes your profile he or she may accept it.

Step 5 of how to find your love|soul mate|spouse through dating relationships:

Learn about dating precautions to be observed.Remember,the person whom you are about to date is unknown to you.So it is necessary for you to take some precautions to safeguard yourself in case your date turns out to be a crook or a criminal.

1.When you meet your suitor,do not be swayed by the physical attraction or beauty of the person whom you are dating.

2.Never give your personal information like your phone number till you know the person better.

3.Never meet your would be suitor in a lonely place.Always choose places where people are around to help should such occasion arise.

4.Groom yourself before meeting your date.Personal grooming tells lot about you and it is the first indicator of your personality.Wear a clean dress suitable for the occasion but not a flashy one.Never dress provocatively.

5.Talk openly about what you like,what you do not like and what you expect from the other person.This step will filter out the incompatible ones.

6.Encourage the other person to talk about himself or herself and also about various topics of mutual interest.Pay close attention to your dateís talk.A personís speech can reveal a lot about the personís education,upbringing and personality.

Points to remember when trying to find your love|soul mate|spouse through dating relationships:

1.Marriage is an important part of your life.So be extra careful in choosing your partner with whom you are likely to spend the rest of your life.

2.Look also for inner beauty of the person and the strength of character which are long lasting.

3.Do not come to any decision after the first meeting.Date at least for six months before deciding.

4.Keep your options open.It is not necessary to choose the first person that comes along.

5.Physical attraction is must for a long lasting relationship.If you are not physically attracted to your date,do not continue the dating.

6.Do not lose heart if you are rejected since it is not the end of the world.Keep trying till a person comes along who likes you and whom you like.

7.A professional background check will help a lot if you decide to marry.

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