Fat Loss Tips:Avoid Overeating By Removing The Causes

The first and one of the best fat loss tips is to study the causes of obesity so that you can fight it effectively.Obesity can be caused by many factors and there can be a emotional component to your obesity, and 'stress eating' is one of them.

Stress eating as the name suggests is caused by stress and anxiety wherein one resorts to overeating to reduce the stress by using food as a tool to control mental tension.Stress eating may occur due to low self-esteem and a general feeling of unworthiness.Such people become addicted to food and use it as a means to compensate for the feeling of unworthiness to overcome stress and anxiety.Both men and women suffer equally from this condition and react the same way to stress.Some people also use food as the substitute for the love and affection they do not get from others.

Those who undergo stress,anxiety and emotional tension tend to overeat sweets and foods high in calories.Emotional tension and stress cause pituitary and adrenal glands to produce hormones which tend to activate brain's hunger center causing cravings for sweets and foods that contain carbohydrates.Due to this,the blood sugar levels rise which has a temporary calming effect on the stress.There is also a corresponding increase in the insulin production which in turn calms down the stress and anxiety and makes one more relaxed.

There are also people who overeat due to plain boredom and inactivity.People also overeat due to unhappiness and trauma.High intake of bad carbohydrates such as sweets and high calorie foods produce 'serotonin' and 'endorphin' which act as mood boosters.

There are also certain physiological conditions which may cause overeating.When the salt level in the body is low caused by excess sweat production,one may be induced to eat foods high in salt content such as chips and pickles.When blood sugar levels are low,one may experience sugar cravings to compensate for the low glucose levels in the blood.

When treating obesity the above mentioned factors are to be considered in addition to physical exercises and diet supplements.

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