How to Get Rid of Hemorrhoids?

To be rid of hemorrhoids is top priority for about 10% of the world’s population who suffer from the condition called hemorrhoids also known as piles. Many of these affected people are uncomfortable discussing hemorrhoids as it figures high in the ‘embarrassment factor’ scale and keep it to themselves till the condition becomes serious.Few are aware of the fact that the way to get rid of hemorrhoids is easy and within reach.

Hemorrhoids or piles as the condition is called,affects the anus or anal canal wherein veins of the anus are abnormally dilated,swollen,stretched or inflamed,similar to varicose veins that we notice on other people’s legs.

There are two types of hemorrhoids, internal and external.Most hemorrhoids occur internally and are not painful but sometimes the internal veins protrude outside the anus which may cause pain.

External hemorrhoids are those that start outside the anus and are also known as thrombosed external hemorrhoids.These can swell and become a hard lump outside anus which are painful.

Hemorrhoids have many causes and they are listed below.


2.Strained bowel movement.


4.Heavy lifting exertions.

5.In women, uterus pressure on the anal canal veins due to pregnancy and big fibroid.


The symptom of hemorrhoids is anal bleeding accompanied by itch and irritation.The following tips will help in coping with hemorrhoids.

1.Use alcohol free baby wipes to clean hemorrhoids.

2.Avoid constipation by drinking lots of water and including fiber rich vegetables in your diet.

3.Have warm bath twice daily using bath tubs since soaking the affected area in warm water shrinks the swollen tissues.

4.If bleeding occurs profusely undergo tests to rule out the possibility of colon cancer which also causes bleeding. Treatment for hemorrhoids involves surgery but these may show up again in spite of surgery.Western medicine treats the symptoms not the causes and the success rate for hemorrhoids treatment is low.Thankfully there are some natural home remedies which are more effective than western medicine.Such home remedies to get rid of hemorrhoids are preferable due to the following reasons.

1.No need of surgery and painful hospitalization.

2.Cheap compared to western medicine.

3.No drug side effects.

4.More success rate compared to western medicine.

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