How to Get Rid of Varicose Veins Through Varicose Veins Cure|Remedies?

1.How to get rid of varicose veins ?

2.What are varicose veins remedies ?

3.Is there any natural herbal medicine to cure varicose veins?

If you are in search of answers to these questions read on…

Varicose veins and spider veins are unsightly and bulging bluish veins just under the skin which occurs due malfunctioning blood circulatory system.The varicose veins are thick and have either rope like appearance that normally occurs in feet and legs or those that look like spider webs that generally occurs in knees and ankles and are called spider veins.Varicose veins or spider veins can also occur anywhere in the body.

The blood supplied to various parts of the body through arteries returns back to the heart through the veins.The veins in the legs have to cope with gravity hence always have extra workload to push up the blood against gravity.Veins have one way valves that ensures that the blood flow is one way towards the heart.As long as these valves are in prime condition there is no problem.When these one way valves become defective,blood leaks back causing blood accumulation in the lower parts.This again causes swelling in the legs due to the pressure of blood column above.Over a period of time this causes the veins wall to get dilated and vein knots are formed and become thicker causing the formation of varicose veins and spider veins.

Varicose veins and spider veins generally appear on the calf,feet, inside of the thigh areas and sometimes even on the face.Women are more prone to varicose veins and spider veins than men probably due to estrogen and progesterone weakening the vein walls.Varicose veins can be painful and can make you uncomfortable due to the throbbing pain and heavy feeling in the legs.It also causes itching resulting in ulcers over the veins.

Varicose veins sometimes may become swollen and very painful and may even cause fever due to formation of blood clots in the veins.These clots if formed in visible veins near the skin surface cannot reach heart or lungs hence not dangerous.But if formed in deeper invisible larger veins it may become serious life threatening condition since the clot has the potential to reach heart and lungs.Symptoms of this condition are swelling in a single leg alone accompanied by pain in calf and or thigh and needs immediate medical attention wherein the clot is located and eliminated using blood thinners.

Varicose veins condition is aggravated by these following factors.

1.Standing or sitting for a long time,

2.Long time heavy lifting efforts,


4.Hormonal surges as in puberty,pregnancy etc…,


6.Lack of exercises.


8.Excess salt intake.

9.Lack of fiber in the diet that results in strained bowel movement that in turn causes pressure on the veins.

The following treatment procedures are normally followed in modern western medicine.

1.Sclerotherapy in which the medicine is injected into the veins that irritates the inner lining of blood vessels resulting in closure and consequent disappearance of the veins.

2.Endolaser technique in which laser is used to close and shrink varicose veins.

3.Surgical removal of varicose veins.

The following early preventive measures will help prevent problems at a later stage.

1.Do not sit or stand for long periods.Change your position often and relax by elevating your legs so that gravity helps the blood flow easing the strain on the veins.

2.Lose weight to reduce pressure on veins.

3.Get regular exercises suitable to your health condition.Regular swimming in cold water is found to be the most beneficial of all exercises to tone muscles that in turn helps fight varicose veins.

4.The extract of herb ‘horse chestnut’ is found to help in restoring the elasticity of the veins that in turn helps fight varicose veins.

5.The wearing of compression stockings exerts optimum pressure on the veins and prevents swelling.

6.Reduce your salt intake since salt aggravates varicose veins.

7.Add fiber to your diet for easy bowel movement and subsequent easing of pressure on your veins.

There are a few varicose veins remedies using pure herbal extracts and there are safe and effective herbal medications to cure varicose veins.

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