Avoid Harmful High Protein Low Carb Diet Plan

High protein low carb diet plan is promoted as the most popular weight loss diet for many years now. In fact it is an unhealthy diet plan that creates serious health issues instead of solving overweight problems.

Low carb diet plan is devoid of plant nutrients since it is based on animal protein. When you are on this diet, you consume less plant nutrients such as antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, fiber and other essential plant nutrients that fight many degenerative diseases such as cancer, strokes and other diseases. Being on this diet means consuming more protein making you an ideal target for cardiovascular and other degenerative diseases.

High protein low carb diet plan initially causes weight loss due to depletion of water from the body which is unhealthy in itself. Our body is about 70% water and any reduction here can alter the ph balance leading to digestive problems, dry skin, dry hair and other problems. The brain and muscles are mostly made up of water and reduction in water levels can affect brain and muscle function. Like oxygen, water is vital for body function.

The major component of every tissue and body fluid is water hence any decrease in body water levels can affect the metabolism adversely. This is so because the processes of digestion, assimilation and excretion need adequate amounts of water. Water is the essential component of blood that transports nutrients to all cells in the body and also brings back the waste materials from the cells for elimination.

This initial body water loss is due to the metabolic process known as ketosis. This process usually occurs mainly in unhealthy people who suffer diabetes and kidney disease. The process of ketosis, after the initial depletion of water, encourages the burning of the fat tissues as the source of fuel which is desirable. At the same time it also encourages burning of protein tissues for fueling the metabolism which is unhealthy since proteins are the building blocks of life. The appearance of substance known as ketones in the urine is indicative of the burning of protein tissues to fuel the metabolism.

Another side effect of ketosis due to low carb diet plan is the feeling of constant fatigue and weakness which is unhealthy. The process of ketosis also breaks down fatty acids for fueling the metabolism leading to loss of sodium, potassium and calcium which are important minerals needed for optimum body function. Calcium loss can lead to osteoporosis and low body water levels can lead to kidney and gall stones problems. Ketosis also causes increase in blood cholesterol which is also unhealthy.

Low carb diet plan can also affect the brain and the nervous system as the brain needs constant supply of glucose for proper functioning since the low carb diet can not supply the needed amounts of glucose. For some people this may cause brain or neurological damage. The other side effects of this diet are bad breath and constipation which occur due to less water in the body because of ketosis and less fiber content in the diet.

Once the body becomes aware that it is low on carbohydrates due to high protein low carb diet plan, it exhibits symptoms like fatigue, general weakness, decreased urine out put and muscle cramps. The brain starts receiving stress signals from cells because of low intake of carbohydrates and the brain activates itís appetite center leading to food cravings and the consequent eating binge.

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