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Owning a house is the dream of all since it gives us a sense security and belonging.It also reflects your personality and also brings out the artist in you as proclaimed by your interior and exterior decorations.Generally a house remains for life just like a marriage.The joy of living in your own home is immense especially if you had taken part in building your house right from the planning stage.There are thousands and thousands of home designs plans to choose from,depending on the type of house you want to build,the spending capacity and needs and size of your family.

There are two options before you.Either you build a house suiting to your family needs if cost is not an issue or purchase a house already built.If you opt for the latter you will have to prune your requirements according to the new house parameters or go in for alterations to suit your needs.However if you opt for the former,you will have the opportunity of experiencing the pleasure of watching your house grow in front of your eyes brick by brick and also you can have the choice of unique design and quality ingredients that goes into house building.

You have to choose house designs plans according your family requirements and the number of your family members.The first step would be to consult all your family members regarding the location and size of your new home.Once that is decided,your next step should be to consult housing experts to guide you choose the correct house design plan that suits your family needs.Consulting the home designs plans experts ensures that you end up with the right home designs plans which you will not regret later since building your own house is a once in a life time activity that requires lot of expertise and planning.It is better to leave it to the experts if you are not one as it needs skills on various fields such as house design,masonry,wood work,electrical wiring,plumbing,interior and exterior decorations etc…

House design plan vary according to the type of house you intend to build and there are many many types of houses and a few of them are mentioned below.

1.Cottage house design plan

2.Country home designs plans

3.Lake front house designs plans

4.Log cabin home designs plans

5.Beach house designs plans

6.Hill side home designs plans

7.Victorian house designs plans

8.Ranch house plans

9.Spanish house plans

10.Mediterranean home plans

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If you plan to purchase an already built house,you may have to alter the home designs plans to suit your family needs and here again you need the advice of experts.If you are satisfied with the existing house design plan,you still have to add a new look to the house.Every house needs interior as well as exterior decoration since it adds charm,style and character to the house whether it is a new house or an old one.

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