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Earlier shopping used to be a pleasant experience to look forward to for the whole family. It is not so anymore thanks to economic melt down and rising prices.More people are losing jobs now and are forced to cut their spending.The spending power of people are lower now and so they try to save money by opting to avail web rebates,online rebates,shopping rewards, and coupons for shopping to squeeze out maximum value out of their shopping trips.We all know that shopping has become costlier and look for ways to save money this way.

Now there is a new program that is beneficial and also a money saver that promises to make your shopping less costly than before.This program brings top companies,shopping malls and outlets under one roof to benefit the consumers by providing information about web|online rebates,coupons for shopping and shopping rewards .The companies and shops chosen are the best of the picks for their integrity and customer service.The list of companies chosen number over 1000 and include the bigwigs such as Wal-mart,Target,Starbucks,Gap,Hickory Farms,Banana Republic etc…New ones are added everyday.You can now compare their prices, coupons for shopping,web|online rebates and shopping rewards under one roof and choose the best bargain for you.

This new program is free to join.When you purchase from the listed shops, the web|online rebates,shopping rewards,coupons for shopping are totaled and credited to your account.The more your purchases,the more is credited to your account.

There is also another benefit.This program is not only free but also pays you $2.50 to join as of now which is credited to your account immediately.Over and above you are paid $0.50 for every person you refer and bring in.These measures are taken for promotional and marketing purposes to gain foot hold in the competitive market.There is nothing to lose and everything to gain by joining this program.

This program helps the sellers to sell their products ranging from apparel,electronics,electrical items,home appliances,software,toys and much much more to the eager buyers in the competitive market.It also saves money for the customers by providing information the discounts, web|online rebates , shopping rewards , coupons for shopping under one roof.It is the proverbial win-win situation for all.

This is also a charitable organization that donates part of it's profit for the uplifting of our unfortunate fellow human beings.By joining,you indirectly help a cause.Have a look and decide for yourself.

Click here to join now this spectacular new program that helps you save money while shopping .

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