All About Hormone Balance,Natural Balancing Progesterone|progestron Cream|creme

What is the purpose of natural balancing cream|progesterone crème|progestron cream|pro gest cream?

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These are different names used for progesterone supplements to maintain woman’s hormone balance but they all mean the same thing.

Hormone balance is vital for the female body to lead a happy and disease free life.It is the barometer that measures woman’s quality of life.The female body needs both the hormones estrogen and progesterone in right quantities to lead a normal life.This is called hormone balance.Even slight variations in these hormone levels can bring ill health and misery.

What are progesterone and estrogen?

These are important female hormones produced to regulate menstruation and pregnancy.Progesterone which some times called” the woman’s happy hormone” is produced in the ovaries from cholesterol.Estrogen too is produced in the ovaries and in small quantities in liver,breasts and adrenal glands.These play a useful role as secondary source of estrogen after menopause when the estrogen production in the ovaries is reduced.

What are the characteristics of estrogen and progesterone?

Excess estrogen causes thyroid problems,weight gain,depression,menstrual irregularities,high blood pressure,low sex drive.It also increases the risk of breast and uterus cancer.

The benefits of progesterone are that it helps fat loss,acts antidepressant,has anti cancer properties,helps in maintaining proper menstrual cycle,restores blood pressure and sex drive,increases bone density.

It is obvious that both these hormones have exactly opposite characteristics. The body needs both to maintain hormone balance.

What is hormone balance?

Estrogen and progesterone have completely opposite characteristics and in right quantities cancel out each other to keep the hormone balance in the body.

Only estrogen is produced by the body during the first ten to twelve days of menstrual cycle.Progesterone is produced only during the ovulation period to sustain the endometrium for receiving the fertilized egg and it’s development.Now both these hormones are present in right quantities hence balanced.If the egg is not fertilized,the body stops producing both the hormones and menstruation occurs.

What is hormone imbalance and how it occurs?

Hormone balance is disturbed if ovulation does not occur during a month as often happens during pre-menopause.As there is no ovulation there no progesterone production.The estrogen produced during the first ten days is very much present in the body.But now there is no progesterone to counteract it resulting hormone imbalance.This situation is called estrogen dominance causing ill effects due to it’s characteristics mentioned above.

How to bring about hormone balance?

Since hormone imbalance occurs due to the deficiency of progesterone,the solution lies in taking progesterone supplements such asnatural balancing| progesterone|progestron|pro gest cream|crème .These come in the form of cream that needs application on the skin surface to get absorbed through the blood capillary tubes.The recommended places are face,throat,hands and places where these blood vessels are concentrated.

What is the process for taking these supplements?

Natural balancing| progesterone|progestron|pro gest cream|crème supplements are very effective in restoring the hormone balance but for some women it takes a few weeks for the body to get adjusted to the intake of these supplements,but eventually the body reaches the equilibrium and everything becomes normal.

What are the benefits of taking supplements such as Natural balancing| progesterone|progestron|pro gest cream|crème?

The best benefit is that there is sudden improvement in the quality of life when the hormone balance is restored.You feel energetic and full of life.The life sapping headaches,ever present depression and irritability are the things of the past.You are now ready to face life’s challenges with renewed vigor thanks to the natural balancing cream called progesterone|progestron|pro gest cream|crème.

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