How Much Are Diapers-Are Cheap Diapers Really Cheap?



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Looking for cheap diapers for your baby? You may be wondering how much are diapers and would like to know the amount of recurring cost you may have to bear.

You love your cute little baby and would like to have the best things you can for him or her and that include diapers. You don’t mind spending more on baby food but when it comes to spending on diapers you tend to explore ways to minimize it.  For some who are in dire financial straits, even the cheapest may not be cheap enough.

The first question that comes to mind is how many is needed per day. For newborns, you may have to change diapers often, at least ten to twelve times a day. So you would need good number of them, and be prepared for the financial burden of  recurring expenditure that it entails . If you are strapped for cash, there are some options and you need not be defensive about them. After all, the main purpose of a diaper is to keep the child clean and dry. If you can achieve this through cheaper methods, all the better.

Though disposable diapers are simple, easy and convenient, they are costly compared to cloth diapers. You may have to shell out more till your child becomes potty trained. Because disposable diapers are costly,  your first option is to go in for washable cloth diapers. Though this involves extra work for you, you can save a lot over a period of time.

If you feel that this is not right  for you, go in for all-in-one cloth diapering system which is a bit more easy. The diaper comes with a separate moisture proof cover in which the diaper can be inserted. They are as easy and simple as disposable diapers but need washing. Buy enough number of diapers so that there is no need to wash daily. You can do the laundry, once in two or three days which is more convenient. It may not be a good option if you plan to pay for the laundry in which case it may not be cost effective at all.

The advantage of cloth diapers is that they are much cheaper in the long run because they can be used again even for the next child. Besides, some parents feel that cloth diapers cause fewer rashes. You get flexibility and convenience when you use the latest all-in-one cloth diapers, be sure that it is cost effective. One of the cheaper diaper options is pre-folds with cheap covers.

Apart from the cost, you will have to take the size into consideration for the right fit. Otherwise, the diaper may leak. During the early period, the child grows fast. Be prepared for change in  diaper size , so do not stock one size more than necessary. The right size would be that the diaper fits nicely around the leg of your baby. If there are leaks, vary the diaper size slightly up or down to get the right one.

Search for special offers and coupon discounts. There are so many diaper retailers and manufacturers who offer coupon codes and discounts, that you may in fact have the problem of plenty.

There are some parents who opt for the method of ‘elimination communication’ EC for short. This method involves learning elimination signals from the baby so that the child is held over the toilet where it completes the elimination process. This method is the cheapest one as it does away with the usage of diapers altogether. However there is a learning curve to master the baby’s right signals and it is most time consuming one at that. Till then you may have to contend with doing more laundry.

Your search for cheaper diapers should be ongoing one to get right answer to your  question ‘how much are diapers’ that is affordable to you.

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