All about how to lose weight fast-Learn what is the best way to lose weight fast

Want to know how to lose weight fast? Want to know what is the best way to lose weight fast? It is easy and doable if you follow certain special steps.Interested?

How To Lose Weight Fast|What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast-Introduction

Every overweight person wants quick results and is eager to know how to lose weight fast.This is the question foremost in the minds of those who are overweight and obese the world over.The answer is that it can be done provided you plan it.Weight loss is tricky and difficult and if not handled the right way it may lead to failure or worse health complications.But it is very easy if you plan beforehand.

There is a simple method for weight loss that is easy on everyone because it uses only food regulation to achieve weight loss.Many think that workouts are a necessary part of any weight loss plan but the truth is that it need not be.There are many who carry on their daily activities who are averse to any workout regimen due to time factor or mere dislike to workouts because of low energy levels after daily work.However workouts do accelerate the weight loss process by putting it into top gear.

If you want to have healthy weight loss,it should be gradual.People want to lose weight within a week to attend a beach party or some meet which is ridiculous.Even the fastest weight loss should take at least 30 days to show results if you want it to be healthy.If you hurry it up you will be sorry because the body's metabolism should not be trifled with.

The first thing to do is to consult your doctor to know your physical condition as to whether it is fit enough to undergo weight loss program.Every one has a unique physical body with unique metabolism unlike any other just like finger print.So the requirements of diet regulation and workouts differ from person to person.For some people the cause of over weight may lie elsewhere.For instance you may have thyroid issues causing overweight and it is prudent to treat it first instead of participating in a weight loss program.Overweight can also be due to stress causing you to overeat and here the solution lies in treatment for stress reduction.

There are some who are obsessed with their figure and looks.They perceive themselves to be obese even though they are not.How to know whether you are really obese?

By calculating your body mass index you can know whether you are obese or not.Your body mass index or BMI for short,indicates the amount of fat in your body.It is calculated in numbers.You are considered healthy if your BMI is between 18.5 and 25,overweight if it is 25 to 30 and obese if it is above 30.The difference between overweight and obesity is in degree of being fat.

How BMI is calculated?

1.Multiply your weight in pounds by 703.

2.Devide the number you get by your height in inches.

3.Devide the number again by your height in inches and you get your BMI.

Another way is to measure the circumference of waist(over navel) and chest by using measuring tape parallel to the ground.The chest measurement should exceed the waist measurement by at least three inches.For women the chest measurement is taken below the breasts.

Another way is to stand naked before a full length mirror and assess yourself.If you notice that you have a pot belly that prevents you from bending or fat accumulation in mid section then you are obese and need immediate remedial action.

Discuss your weight loss plan with your family and friends and seek their help.This will help in getting good ideas for your weight loss plan and also for getting on the right track should you lose focus and slacken in your weight loss efforts.Your family plays a supportive role in your fight against obesity.At times during the process you are down and out and feel like giving up and here your family and friends can help by giving you the much needed emotional support.

How To Lose Weight Fast|What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast-Motivation

Motivation is the most important part which can make or break your weight loss program.Lack of motivation is the major cause of people dropping out of weight loss programs and here a word of encouragement and support from family and friends play a crucial role in motivating the person not to discontinue.Above all self motivation is the best and it is important to strengthen it to fight the battle of bulge successfully.

With a weak mind,failure is the sure outcome and so it is important to strengthen your mind by repeating positive affirmations.The fight against overweight starts in mind and if you lack motivation,you will lose the battle even before it starts.You must fully believe in yourself to achieve weight loss.Repeat strongly to yourself as often as possible that you can succeed and you will not give up the fight till you succeed.

After sometime your brain will start to reprogram it self matching your positive thoughts. Throw out all the negative things you have put in there like ‘I can not do this or I am helpless or I am stupid or I not smart’.There is truth in the old saying that you become what you think you are.By being positive,your brain will program itself to win and being negative you are forcing your brain to program itself to fail.Always surround yourself with positive minded people and avoid those who discourage you.

Think of all the good things you can do by being slim.Losing the extra weight can get you many benefits you would love to have.

1.It improves your looks and clothes fit better and look beautiful on you.

2.It increases your self confidence.

3.It improves the quality of your life by making you healthy.

4.It makes you breath easily and there is no panting when you climb stairs.

5. It makes it easy to get in and get out of cars.

6.It makes it easy to bend and tie your shoe lace.

7.It makes sitting in chairs and getting up easy.

8.It improves the body’s energy level.

9.It improves your sex life.

10.It gives you the sense of accomplishment by losing your weight and gaining the respect of others for being strong willed.

When you plan to lose weight fast by regulating food intake,you must take into account your daily activity level to arrive at the right food requirement.If your daily job needs you to be active,naturally your calorie needs are more.On the other hand if you are chair bound and rarely move during your work,you need less calories.

Plan your diet from the four important groups of foods.

1.Whole grain products of wheat,rice or any other cereal.

2.Skimmed milk or it’s products.

3.Skinless chicken,fish,lean meat for non vegetarians. Peas,beans and sprouted pulses for vegetarians.

4.Vegetables and fruits.This include green leafy vegetables,citrus fruits and other fruits.

Plan a well balanced diet which is low in sugar,salt,fat and cholesterol but have all the constituents of food such as carbohydrates,fats,proteins,vitamins and minerals in right proportions for the overall health.

For a full grown adult of normal build,a well balanced diet will consist of three helpings of bread(whole grain) or two cups of cooked whole grain like rice,two cups of skimmed milk,two servings of lean meat or sprouted pulses,three servings of vegetables and two servings of fruits.For children and seniors,alter this amount depending upon the age,activity and physical condition.Cook separately for the person undergoing weight loss in the family because of diet restrictions.

Plan your diet with minimum of fat in it.Use sensible cooking methods that do not destroy the nutritional value of vegetables such as frying.Use barest minimum of oil for only seasoning and avoid oil for cooking.Remove visible fat from meat before cooking.Avoid frying the food and the most suitable methods of cooking are baking,steaming and roasting.Boil the vegetables using minimum amount of water in closed vessels so that the nutrients are not destroyed or you can also steam them in pressure cookers.

Plan a suitable starting date taking into account your family situation.Set your goals and commit yourself.Once the date is set,avoid postponing it.

Drink more water than you were taking earlier.It is good for your metabolism and bowel movement system.Besides it fills your stomach.Take large glass of water before any meal.Drink at least 10 glasses of water daily.

Avoid soft drinks and alcohol.Soft drinks contain sugar and so it is absolutely essential to avoid them altogether.Alcohol is another culprit that is needed to be avoided because it makes you feel careless and reduces inhibition causing you to overeat.

Reduce your animal food consumption and increase vegetables and fruits intake.Increase your fiber intake by taking whole grains,beans,banana stem and green leafy vegetables.Vegetable fiber is good for health and satisfy the need for bulk.It can be eaten raw,baked or boiled.Do not fry vegetables because the nutrients will be destroyed.

Fiber has the quality to push out the food before the fat in the food is digested thereby helping in expelling the fat before it assimilates into the body thus contributing to weight loss.If you are not used to fiber,introduce it slowly so that you give time for your body to get accustomed to it.Otherwise you will have to contend with stomach uneasiness,bloating and excess gas formation.

Avoid fatty foods by opting for low fat foods.Consume lean meat such as skinless chicken or turkey breast which are low in fat.Eat fat free yogurt and cheese.Stop frying the food to avoid fat and bake it instead.Avoid packaged foods even if they claim to be fat free because they are made from refined grains and are loaded with sugar.

Do not commit the mistake skipping breakfast to save on calories.It will never work because you will consume more than normal during the next meal offsetting the saving in calories.

When you want to have a second helping, wait for sometime because the stomach takes about 20 minutes to send signal to the brain that it is full.

Avoid sweets and sugar.Though sugar does not contain fat,it contains more calories which if you do not spend is turned into fat adding to your weight.The another drawback of sugar is that it makes you hungrier because it is digested and stored fast making you feel hungry again.

Take more frequent smaller meals spread throughout the day instead of larger less frequent meals.Studies show that this type of eating burns fat faster.Take more time to eat and enjoy your meal every bit. It is found that enjoying a meal slowly in fact reduced consumption levels.Those who do not focus on food tend to eat more than necessary like those who eat watching television.

Vegetables And Fruits For Weight Loss

There are some vegetables and fruits if added regularly to the menu not only results in improved health but also helps weight loss. These fruits and vegetables apart from supplying essential nutrition,have fat and disease fighting properties too.They are full of phyto nutritents, vitamins, minerals, fiber, proteins, flavonoids, complex carbohydrates, and other useful plant compounds that are very useful for good health.

Cauliflower, cabbage and broccoli are vegetables known as cruciferous vegetables. These vegetables contain B-complex vitamins, minerals and beta carotene. They are also good source of fiber and complex carbohydrates. These vegetables have anti cancer properties and those who consume these vegetables regularly are less prone to cancer. They are also good for weight loss as they contain high amounts of fiber.

Tomatoes become more nutritious after cooking since it helps the release of an anti oxidant known as lycopene that has anti cancer properties. They also contain an important amino acid carnitine that helps increase the basil metabolic rate leading to burning fat at a faster rate resulting in weight loss.

All Green leafy vegetables such as spinach, lettuces and seaweed contain lots and lots of fiber useful for weight loss. They are also good sources of antioxidants, folicacid and B-complex vitamins, beta-carotene and other plant compounds which help fight some forms of cancer and certain neurological disorders.

Lentils and beans are rich in vitamins and minerals such as zinc, iron, and potassium. It also contains high amount of proteins and fiber. The fiber especially is helpful for weight loss since it reduces the absorption of fat and also reduces appetite. Those who consume lentils and beans regularly are less prone to heart attacks. Other vegetables such as sweet potatoes, carrots, are also useful as they contain disease fighting antioxidants and fiber for weight loss.

Apples, oranges and grape fruits should be taken raw for better nutrition. They contain a fiber known as pectin that has hunger suppressing qualities helpful for weight loss and also for lowering cholesterol and blood pressure. They also have other nutrients that help boost immune system. The citrus fruits such as lemon and oranges are rich in anti oxidants, vitamin C , potassium and other plant nutrients for good health. Strawberries, blueberries, raspberries and cranberries should also be added to the menu as they are loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fiber and the consumption of berries help prevent Alzheimer’s and also keep urinary tract healthy.

Seeds and nuts such as almonds and walnuts are loaded with healthy monounsaturated fats, fiber, protein, vitamin D, magnesium, folicacid and copper. Seeds such as sunflower and flax are rich in a substance known as lignans that helps in hormone balancing. They are also rich in antioxidants, vitamins, proteins, phosphorus , and iron .Flax seed oil contains omega 3 fatty acids that has disease fighting properties.

The ideal wholesome weight loss diet should contain whole grain food, vegetables, fruits, lean meat, low fat dairy food and monounsaturated fats such as seeds, nuts and olive oil. Weight loss can be easily achieved by choosing the right food combination.

Do not weigh yourself often.Once in ten days will do.This is to avoid discouragement and the possible consequent reaction of giving up the weight loss program itself when you do not see any results.

How To Lose Weight Fast|What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast-Workout Plan

If you want quick weight loss,you must combine suitable exercises with a compatible diet program.Almost every weight loss program involves exercises in some way because it accelerates the weight loss.It also improves the blood circulation in the body benefiting the whole body.

The drop out rate for weight loss exercise programs is high because basically the workouts become boring after a few days.Once the initial enthusiasm wanes,the motivation to stay on the weight loss program weakens.Within days we stop the workouts under some pretext or the other.

The problem with exercises is that they involve only the body, not the mind.This the reason why we get bored and stop the program.The solution lies in making the workouts interesting and entertaining to the mind.Once that is done every one will participate in a weight loss program without fail.

How to make workouts interesting?The trick is to devise the workouts in such a way that it absorbs and entertains you to make you happy.There are two ways to go about it.The first method is to convert them into a game.The second method is to convert them into a dance ritual,accompanied with rhythmic music.

When exercise is converted into a game,it becomes more interesting even though every game involves hard work.Everybody loves to play games because they are enjoyable.It will be easy to understand if we observe our children whose appetite for play seems to be never ending.The children play the whole day with enthusiasm and it makes them happily exhausted.After the game they are hungry to eat a meal and readily fall into sound sleep.

The other method is to involve dance with rhythmic music.Dance and music are connected with emotions.Every one loves to dance and sing or to hear music and they come naturally to all human beings.Dance is also a good exercise for the whole body which improves your overall shape.This the reason why many gyms have musical workouts in their exercise programs.

The game and dance apart from being good workouts,improve our appetite and also give us much needed sound sleep without the use of sleep aids.Organized dances and games involving coordinated team work,help us in getting a healthy body and mind.They teach us how to be a useful member of a large group.They also teach us how to integrate ourselves into a group thereby making us healthy,productive and good citizens of the society as a whole.

How To Lose Weight Fast|What Is The Best Way To Lose Weight Fast-My Experience

I ate five times daily but in small quantities to avoid hunger.I made it a point to drink green tea five times a day which is full of nutrients and it also effectively suppressed my hunger.

Breakfast-8 AM

One glass of water,One slice of bread(or 1 cup of whole grain cereal food),one cup of any vegetable soup and one raw apple followed by a cup of green tea boiled in skimmed milk with minimum sugar

11 AM

A cup of boiled thick green leafy vegetable soup followed by a cup of green tea boiled in skimmed milk with minimum sugar.

Lunch-2 PM

One glass of water,two slices of bread(or a cup of cooked rice or any other cereal) with a cup of cooked pulses,one cup of any boiled vegetable,one cup of yogurt followed by one cup of green tea boiled in skimmed milk with minimum sugar.

5 PM

One cup of boiled thick green leafy vegetable soup followed by a cup of green tea boiled in skimmed milk with minimum sugar.

Dinner-8 PM

One glass of water,two bread slices(or one cup of cooked rice or any other cereal),one cup of boiled peas and beans soup,one plate of fresh vegetable salad and one cup of green tea boiled in skimmed milk.

If you want to eat meat you can do so by consuming lean meat during your regular meal by replacing a vegetarian dish.

I drank lots of water between meals.Whenever I felt hungry between meals I ate vegetable salads Which I prepared using vegetables like tomato,onion,cucumber and beetroot.

If you do not have any health issues,you may try this weight loss diet plan for yourself and you will be surprised to know how easy and painless this plan is.Start this method today and you have nothing to lose except your weight.

To lose weight fast you must combine diet regulation with moderate and easy workouts such as walking,you may see results quicker.Obese people who had been leading a sedentary life should get checked by a doctor and get his approval before doing workouts.

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