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Kidney stones can cause the most painful experience one can have.Even the smallest one can cause lot of pain.Some people are more susceptible to kidney stones than others.If the color of your urine dark it means that your urine is concentrated and the chances of you having kidney stones are bright.

When your urine is concentrated due to the presence of salts and minerals,they some times bind together to form crystals (kidney stones) on the kidney walls and over a period of time they may grow to become big in size.As long as they stick to the kidney walls you will not have any problem.But if a stone breaks free,it mingles with urine and flushed out to the bladder through a long and narrow tube called ureter.If the diameter of the stone is smaller than the tube,it passes through ureter to the bladder without any problem.Generally the stones are small and flushed out through ureter to the bladder without causing pain.If the stone is big,it blocks ureter causing unbearable pain and may cause urinary tract infection.Sometimes the stones may become big and remain in kidney itself without causing pain but initiating infection.

Kidney stones are known by their chemical composition.Usually they contain oxalate (which is a chemical that helps in stone formation) and calcium.They are also formed by uric acid.

The types of kidney stones are

1.Calcium stones

2.Uric acid stones.

3.Cystine stones caused due to genetic predisposition.

4.Struvite stones.

The causes of kidney stones are

1.High levels of oxalate and calcium in urine.

2.Consumption of diet high in calcium.

3.Urinary tract infections.


Consult your doctor for suitable treatment options which may vary depending on the size and type of your stone.

The following useful tips may help.

1.Drink lots of water to dilute the urine so that the chances of stone formation is minimal.

2.Plan your diet in consultation with your doctor.

3.Consume lemonades which contain a chemical called citrate that inhibits stone formation.

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