Multiple sclerosis

What is MS OR multiple sclerosis ?

This is a nerve disorder which mostly progresses slowly.

What are the causes of multiple sclerosis ?

The causes are not known or proven yet.

How does it happen?

Our nervous system comprises of brain,spinal cord,and nerves to carry messages.Like wires,to prevent short circuits all nerves are covered with insulation known as myelin sheath.In those people suffering from multiple sclerosis,the body's immune system attacks the nerves insulation myelin,mistaking it for a foreign body or virus.This results in nerve damage and you have problem in the specific area of nerve damage.

What are the problems caused by this disease?

The effects of this disease range from tingling sensations and poor coordination to vision abnormalities and extreme exhaustion.

How does this disease affect the body?

This disease is unpredictable.MS attack can happen at anytime.After an attack, remission follows which may last for months sometimes even years before another attack.After an attack,the nerves begin to heal and scars are formed over the area of damage and if the damage is high residual symptoms such as bowel and urinary problems,feeling of exhaustion and weakness,tremors,sensory loss,speech problems,difficulty in swallowing..etc persist.If this disease is not treated you may lose the ability to control muscles.

What are the types of MS?

The types of MS are as follows.

a)'Benign MS' affects about 25% of all cases wherein after a single attack there is no relapse.

b)'Relapsing MS' affects about 75% of people will suffer a relapse.The period between attacks may be symptoms free and maylast for months,even years.

c)'Primary progressive MS' is one of the dangerous types in which the disease worsens slowly but constantly without any remission.

d)'Secondary progressive MS' is also dangerous since the disease continuously worsens in a fast pace.

e)'Progressive-relapsing MS' is the worst of all,wherein the deterioration is continuous with new symptoms along with old ones

What are the treatments for MS ?

Our efforts should be to stop severe MS attacks in which maximum damage occurs.Depending upon it's type,MS needs multidimensional treatment involving the combination of medication,exercise,diet,innovative treatment and most importantly counseling.Consult your doctor often to guide you regarding various drug options available in the market and their suitability.

What are the steps to be taken MS patients?

1.Consult your doctor to devise a exercise and diet plan to strengthen the muscles since MS attacks weaken them.

2.Proper diets can strengthen your immune system against ailments such as cold which may trigger MS.

3.Avoid constipation by drinking lots of water since bowel problems occur with MS.

4.Do not overheat due to physical exertions or other reasons since this may predispose you to MS.Avoid hot baths.

5.Add lots anti oxidants to your diet as it might help.

6.You may try alternative medical systems with the approval of your doctor.

7.Above all,do not despair since things might work out to your advantage.

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