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Herbal natural cures played a major role in helping humans fight diseases and remain healthy before the advent of modern medicine.Humans have been occupying our planet earth for a long long time and they have survived many diseases and ailments without the help of our so called advanced modern medicine which is of recent origin.They depended solely on herbal remedies for their good health.How could they cope with diseases without laboratory tests,scans x-rays,surgery etc? They could do it because they somehow had knowledge about curative properties of herbs.Probably they had inbuilt wisdom to know about the medicinal properties of herbs and herbal natural cures.

Our ecological system has survived millions of years, based on the unique principle of balance.If there are prey animals there are predators and some how the ratio of predator and prey had been kept steady all these millions of years to maintain the ecological balance.Probably even extinction of species is programmed to happen for the overall development of our planet earth. Our ecological system functions as if it has a brain of it’s own to ensure that no one species( except humans ) have an upper hand to destroy others.Same rule applies for bacteria,virus or any other ill health causing conditions that act as predators and our ecosystem swings into action to create natural herbs to counteract them so that the precious balance is maintained for the survival of our planet.For every new disease there is a herb or combination of herbs to cure it waiting to be discovered.

Even animals seem to have knowledge about herbal remedies and use herbs for self medication.Chimps are known to chew certain herbal leaves to overcome some diseases and conditions.Dogs and cats eat grass to overcome certain stomach conditions.Parrots of amazon and some species of monkeys consume certain types of clay to regulate their stomach functions probably to remove poison ingested by consuming poisonous fruits.Elephants and some other animals eat mud to compensate for the mineral deficiency.Who taught them these things?Probably humans and animals are preprogrammed to solve their health problems.If there is a problem there is a solution too.Our ancestors are not idiots or brainless morons as they are made out to be,but very intelligent beings who learned to live with nature, not against it.They knew about various herbs and their curative properties and used herbal natural cures judiciously to fight and overcome diseases.

The so called modern medicine is based on the priceless herbal remedies knowledge of our ancestors.Almost all of modern western medicines contain herbal extracts.Modern medical researchers learn and copy from aborigines who use certain herbs for certain diseases.In their labs these researchers isolate the chemical from the herb that has the curative properties and mass produce them to bring out new medicines but they had the problem of side effects.The same herbal plant extracts that acted as herbal natural cures for the diseases of the aborigines, have side effects when mass produced in the form of potions or tablets.So when the aborigines chew the herbal leaf it cures the disease without side effects but when transformed into tablets they somehow acquire them.

I am not saying that western medicine is absolutely useless.Of course western medicine has it’s plus points. I am only saying that it has limitations. We cannot simply brush aside the therapeutic value of herbal natural cures.Lot of funds are channeled for the development programs of western medicines but the development of other effective forms of medicine is neglected.

I was suffering from a skin condition that created dry white patches all over my body. These white patches especially on my face became very prominent after bath and it was embarrassing to answer the inevitable questions from people.I used to apply coconut oil lightly to hide the patches at least partially though the process was messy.My doctor prescribed latest medicines but the patches kept showing up after a very brief absence.I continued this for about a year after which my doctor told me after referring medical manuals that I was suffering from a skin fungus that has no cure and advised me learn to live with it.He told me that it has become part of my body’s skin eco system that will remain throughout my life till death.I suffered this condition for 10 years till I met this tribal man selling herbal natural cures for different diseases on the street.He was an old man probably in his sixties and when he saw my white patches on my face he asked me to purchase a herbal remedies potion that he had.I told him that my skin condition is incurable but he was persistent.He was so sure of the potency of the herbal product that he was ready to collect the money after I was cured.I agreed to test his medicine since I had nothing to lose except my skin disease. The medicine was a herbal oil with traces of leaves in it.I applied the medicine all over my body before bath and soaked in it for about ten minutes as instructed.After the third day the patches started to shrink in size gradually and on the seventh day there was absolutely no trace of the patches and they vanished completely to my amazement.To this day it has not come back.I was so happy that I gave him double the money when he came after 10 days.

This experience taught me not to underestimate herbal natural cures which I did not believe in earlier and opened my eyes to the fact that western medicine does not have all the answers.Later on I tried to contact the tribal man as I was curious to know what herbs he used for the medication but his whereabouts are not known though I tried hard. what I want to emphasis here is that we should not down play and neglect alternative medicine just because we think that they are ineffective and have no scientific basis.

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