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I do not exactly consider myself organic seo expert India in the real sense of the term, but I can confidently say that I know the ways and means to bring any new webpage to the first page of google.

I have done it successfully for me hence I can do it for you too. I am so confident about it that you can pay me later after getting the results within 90-120 days sometimes even within days by using white hat, google approved methods. Just leave things to me and you will not be disappointed.I can also write unique articles for you,$6 per 500 word article on all topics except adult and gaming niches.

Search engine optimization or SEO for short means making your page search engine friendly. You must create your website in such a way that search engines love your site so much that there are ready to give your site the top position in SERP(search engine results page)listings.

SEO involves two things namely on page optimization and off page optimization.

On page optimization means that your web page should be created in a certain way that is search engine compatible, with right meta tags, meta description and, headline containing the keywords. The page file name should also contain the exact keywords that you target. The page content should be unique with right keyword density.

Off page optimization involves back link building by various methods such as article distribution, RSS, creation of videos on the keywords, press releases,social bookmarking, blog postings, yahoo answers etc...The point is to give your website maximum exposure so that other relevant sites will link to yours if the content is appealing and useful.

Search engines(SE) consider such back links as recommendations and use them in ranking your site. The quality of your links count most. For instance links from a site with higher page rank will have more weight than that of lower ranked sites.

It is also important to remember not take the help of link farms, and if you do so, search engines will penalize your site.

I am not a SEO know all(no one can be, as this field is vast and growing by the second) but the proven fact is that I have successfully brought this site to the first page of google for some high and medium demand keywords such as 'weight loss tips'(india),buy fish oil,buy sleep aids,pcos cure,pimple remedy and many more which are not mentioned here.

I could do this mostly by following the beaten path and also by employing some new methods that worked out well for me.

I am also capable of doing keyword research, competition analysis, website analysis, unique article writing, search engine optimized content writing with the right keyword density, which help in improving website ranking.

The most important SEO lesson I learned is that there is only one way to please the search engines, that is to please the visitor.

How to please the visitor? It is easy. Just supply unique, useful, comprehensive and factual information about what the visitor wants without any hype. Be truthful and honest.

After this, just spread this information throughout the internet through article distribution to relevant sites and other methods. Whatever you write web content or articles, make sure that they are unique. In the present scenario, there is absolutely no place for duplicate content. Article distribution is the most powerful way to get one way back links. I got almost all my back links through article distribution which pushed my site upward.

These one way back links will act as advertisement to get new visitors and the traffic will increase. It will also please the search engines because they see these links as recommendations from other relevant sites leading to improvement in rankings.

Coming back to the topic of how I could reach first page, I was simply overwhelmed initially by the complicated and confusing information about search engine optimization. But I kept my focus and I was helped immensely by the coaching I got from SBI.Based on the this,I did my own search engine optimization.

First, I chose medium demand exact match keywords using google adwords keyword tool on the topic. Next I studied the competition status for these keywords by using the free software traffic travis as to the number of one way back links from other domains and how the competitors sites were optimized on page. If competition is strong in these fields,I simply abandoned these keywords and I continued the process till I got the right keywords that were satisfactory. This is a time consuming process which requires lots and lots of patience.

Next I did research on these keywords online and offline and collected various relevant points on the subject and created unique content with the right on page optimization as guided by the site builder page construction tips.

Once the page is created, I created unique articles for distribution through Unique Article Wizard which is really unique as the name suggests and very very effective. I distributed unique articles by using this program for about six months.

Added to this,I also used social book marking through only wire program which is free if you add the logo to your site. I also took steps for power linking which boosted my rankings. Slowly my back links rose in number, and my site started climbing the search engine ladder.

These steps can be taken by anybody who has enough patience and determination. You have to overcome self doubts which might try to pull you down at times,as it happened with me. Though I stumbled many times, I steadied myself and carried on. Now looking back after three years, I am satisfied with my SBI experience.

This is my story about how I did it. If I can do it,I am sure anybody can do it.

If you need any tips in this regard, I am here to help you. Just write to me and I will analyze your site for free to tell you what is wrong and also the corrective measures to be taken.

I am a member of unique article wizard which costs $67 a month. If you do not want to become a member yourself due to the cost, I can distribute your articles through this program for a nominal fee say $10 per article because the article needs to be spun and that takes time.

Do I qualify for being called organic SEO expert India? Well,I am not so sure. But the fact remains that my site ranks on the first page of google for many keywords and that testifies to the effectiveness of SBI coaching and also Unique Article Wizard that laid the basic foundation to make me organic SEO expert India, if you can call me that.

Contrary to what you think, website optimization is easy and doable if you have patience and will. It is a thrilling experience to see your site slowly and gradually climb up in the SERP listings. I can help you optimize your site for a fraction of the cost of those SEO companies.

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