Parenting Education-Learn Good Parenting Tips To Handle Difficult Children

Parenting education is vital for every parent to learn good parenting tips and techniques to cope with difficult children. As parents we are not perfect and also can not expect our children to be perfect with pleasing behavior. Committing mistakes is part of life. It is a learning curve every one in this life has to experience so that one can learn from his or her mistakes to become a better person. Most of us face child behavior problem at home and at times we do not know what to do. This is the reason why parenting education assumes importance since it helps us handle our children in a better way.

The process of growing up can be confusing and frustrating and the reaction of the children to their frustrations may not be to the parentís liking. Parents are tested by children at every stage of growth and development. When parents solve problems of one stage successfully they think that it is all over and there will be no more problems to tackle. The next stage in childís growth brings more complex problems to solve and again the parents are busy searching for good parenting tips to solve them. Some parents have difficult children to cope with and the race to keep up with the children is more difficult and tiring.

Children seem to be experts in doing things they are asked not to do. They have uncanny ability to find different ways and means to rub parents on the wrong side. Children behave badly because they are not mature enough to understand the benefits of good behavior. Besides children like to rebel to assert themselves by pushing the boundaries. Such misbehavior usually forces the parents to show anger toward the child which is not the right thing to do.

Angry parental outbursts do not show parents in good light as far as the children are concerned. Children like to see their parents as the model of right behavior and angry parents lose the qualification to advice them on good behavior since they lack in anger control themselves . Parents should understand that children evaluate them by watching their behavior. By exhibiting unacceptable behavior, parents lower themselves in the eyes of the children and lose the right to correct them. This leads to more misbehavior on the part of children.

Spanking of children to bring about a desired change is to be avoided at all costs as it may cause life long emotional damage and sometimes physical damage as well. Spanking kindles the spark of rebellion in the children since it hurts the pride. Though spanking or the threat of it may bring about immediate desired results, it is not a long term solution.

Behavior change in children should occur by gentle persuasion, not by physical threat or abuse. Behavior changes due to gentle persuasion are permanent whereas spanking results in hardening of attitudes inducing them to disobey more if they can get away with it. Besides they are many alternatives to spanking that work wonderfully well without hurting the pride of the child.

Children can be made to behave by the use of reward system where in the children are rewarded for good behavior. This system works successfully most of the time for children above 2 years of age. If you adopt this system, it is helpful to keep a diary of behavior since it may take up to 2 months for the desired change to occur. The children learn that bad behavior is not tolerated whereas good behavior is rewarded. This results in life long behavior change.

Studies show that children now have increased anxiety levels compared to their parentís era. Nowadays children are packed off to school at an early age carrying heavy book bags on their shoulders. Parents and teachers pressurize the children to perform well in studies and extra curricular activities causing stress. There is also pressure to finish loads of homework and to be neat and tidy all the time from such an early age when children like to play and get dirty which is natural.

Most kids like to play in mud as their parents have done when they were children. Now the same parents who enjoyed playing in mud when they were children exhort their children to be clean and avoid getting dirty. The stress level for children also increases when they hear their parents discuss or argue about family dynamics, money issues and social issues which make them wonder what their future is going to be. It will be better and natural if we let our kids be kids and allow them to enjoy a few hours of play too instead of focusing only on studies and academic success.

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