Parkinsonism Cure

What is parkinsonism ?

Parkinsonism popularly known as Parkinson's disease is a degenerative disease of the nervous system which generally affects people between the ages of 50-70,but also affects those below 40.About 10% are in the age group 40 and under, in which case it is called 'young onset' Parkinsonism.

This disease is associated with gradual and progressive degeneration of nerve centers in the brain that control posture and muscle movement.Large number of nerve cells called neurons which produce a chemical called dopamine that carries brain signals, start to die off causing drop in levels of dopamine,a nerve chemical which carries signals that control muscle movement.This results in stiffness of muscles and tremors.

It is found that this disease affects more men than women.The comforting factor is that it can be treated and people who suffer this disease are known to live useful and active lives.Patients of this disease have low production levels of enzyme complex-1 that protects against the onslaught of free radicals that attack nerves.

During the onset of this disease,the symptoms are so mild that they are ignored and people are not aware of the presence of this disease.

What are the signs of Parkinson's disease?

1.Tremor or uncontrollable shaking of hands,legs,head.

2.Stiffness of muscles.

3.Lack of coordination of muscle movements.

4.Slow movements.

5.Irritability and depression.

6.Change of hand writing.

What are the causes of this disease?

The exact causes are not known.Genetics may be the reason that play an important role.

What is parkinsonism cure?

At present there is no cure for this disease but can be controlled effectively through the latest drugs which can effectively control or eliminate the symptoms.Consult your doctor to devise a plan suitable to your individual requirement.

What are the helpful tips?

The following tips help.

1.Exercise is known to improve muscle coordination hence exercise regularly after consulting your doctor.

2.Eat high fiber diet since it prevents constipation,a common sign of Parkinson's disease.Take lots of vegetables high in anti oxidants that help in fighting the free radical onslaught.

3.Get regular massages as they help prevent muscle stiffness.

4.Have a positive frame of mind and do not think of your condition.Take up a hobby that involves coordination of limb movements such as sewing,carpentry etc...

5.Join a support group to get advice and support.

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