How to lose belly flab fast?

If you want to lose belly flab fast,you must combine suitable diets with abdominal workouts judiciously to attain flat belly and six pack abs.

Six pack abs is the goal of all health and fitness conscious people.In this modern age,appearance is everything.The effect of your appearance with a trim body on others is everlasting. It is everybody's dream to lose belly flab to have a perfect chiseled body with six pack abs.

If you have a perfect body with a six pack abs,you are admired and envied since it gives you a healthy and athletic look.Having a flat belly with six pack abs is an indicator of health and fitness of the body.Six pack abs enhances your sex appeal and creates instant attention in places like beach,swimming pool,gym e.t.c.

By combining proper workouts and diets,it is possible to have a body with six pack abs.If you are patient and willing to work hard consistently,it is not difficult to attain.

I had the biggest of the big pot belly( (read how I lost my ugly belly flab) in my neighborhood which attracted lot of humorous and sometimes insulting comments from my friends and neighbors alike.I took it in my stride, though I was fuming inside.Looking back,I am thankful to them now since their remarks and comments made me to plan my own belly fat loss program in consultation with my doctor since one has to be medically fit to start doing workouts.I planned my workouts with my doctor since any unapproved workout may do more harm than good.I am in my late fifties and the workouts were planned taking my age into consideration.

I started my workouts early in the morning.My workouts consisted of weights,treadmill and usage of static cycling machine.Before my workouts I always did light warming up exercises for about ten minutes.My doctor gave me a protein rich low fat, high fiber diet plan suitable for my age and body condition. Initially it was hell since every part of my body ached which sometimes tempted me to quit.But I carried on with determination and once I crossed the initial difficult adjustment period,things started to become manageable.

After about three months I started to see the results of my workouts which encouraged me to increase the duration and depth of my workouts gradually.Now it is nine months since I started my workouts and my efforts to lose belly flab have brought good results.In place of my pot belly I can see my abdominal muscles slowly getting into shape.

In a nutshell, the moral of the story is that anybody with determination,patience and dedicated efforts can lose belly flab to attain six pack abs by the judicious combination of suitable workouts and diets over a period of time.

There is a popular coaching program where you get one on one coaching from top certified physical trainer and fat|weight loss expert who will also give you comprehensive diet tips so that you get your dream six pack abs in record time.I am sixty years old and if I can succeed definitely you can.The only thing you need is determination and strong motivation never to give up.

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