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Have you ever wondered about the unexplainable events happening around you or your near and dear ones?

Though humans consider themselves scientifically advanced,the fact is that science relies heavily on physical proof and is still in itís infancy.Modern science can not explain the presence of other realities or dimensions.We only know the world we perceive.As far as we are concerned,reality is what we experience through our human senses like touch,taste,sight,smell and hearing.

According to science,our brain processes about 500 billion bits of information per second.But we are aware of only about 3000 bits of information.We do not know where the other bits of information go.It is quite possible that this big chunk of unknown information is related to other realities which we cannot perceive through our senses. Scientists have not fully understood all the functions of our brain but might do so in future as the human evolution is a continuing process.

Earlier it was taboo for scientists to study the unexplainable paranormal occurrences since it was considered unscientific.The situation has somewhat changed now due the involvement of excellent paranormal research groups headed by reputed scientists with impeccable integrity and knowledge.Participation by organizations like Rhine research center,MUFON UFO Research,The Monroe Institute and Society For Scientific Exploration has brought the much needed credibility into the study of paranormal phenomena.

In this regard the unexplainable net|store is leader in spreading awareness about unexplainable paranormal phenomena like remote viewing,telepathy,astral projection,meditation,kundalini stimulation or awakening,auras,spiritual healing and many more.The unexplainable net|store products are of high quality backed by solid refund guarantee.The fact that millions have benefited by them is the best testimony to their effectiveness.

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