Ultraviolet(Uv) Sterilizer-How Ultraviolet(Uv) Purifier Technology Is Used For Water Treatment Or Purification

About 70% of our physical body is made up of water and so the quality of water we drink influences the quality of our health. People worry their heads over the quality of the food they eat but care less about the water they drink and suffer the consequences.

The water we drink contains bacteria, micro organisms and virus which might cause water born diseases like gastrointestinal diseases and affect our health adversely if these micro organisms are not removed. Recent studies and other reports show, most tap and well water in the U.S. are not safe for drinking.

These micro organisms can be removed by adding disinfectant chemicals such as chlorine to the water but they may cause side effects like stomach discomfort, eye irritation and anemia. Another problem with these chemicals is that they leave behind byproducts like bromate, chlorite, acids and others exposing us to the risk of cancer, anemia, liver and kidney problems, nervous system disorders and other health issues. To overcome these problems ultraviolet(UV) sterilizer is used successfully.

Ultraviolet(UV) water treatment

Ultraviolet(UV) sterilizer uses the method of exposing these microorganisms to ultraviolet radiation which kills 99.99% of them thereby making water safe for use. Ultraviolet radiation is generated by using special ultraviolet bulbs which are designed to emit ultraviolet radiation at shorter wave length which destroys these microorganisms effectively. These bulbs consume power equivalent to that of 80 watt bulb.

Ultraviolet light is electromagnetic radiation and with shorter wavelength of 2537 angstroms, it acquires germicidal properties to break down and destroy the micro organisms. They do this by interfering in their DNA functioning rendering them harmless and incapable of reproduction. These micro-organisms have less protection against ultraviolet radiation and cannot survive prolonged exposure to it. This shorter wave length UV radiation is not found on ground because the atmospheric ozone layer filters them from the sunís radiation hence they do not reach the ground. This is reason why the micro organisms thrive in water on the ground.

What does ultraviolet light mean?

Ultraviolet light is invisible to the naked eye that exists at the violet end of the light spectrum. We are exposed to the constant barrage of UV light in small amounts, whenever we expose our bodies to the sun light. UV light has germicidal properties at certain shorter wave lengths which is made use of in the water treatment industry to destroy germs present in the water we use.

What is the germicidal property of UV light?

Research has shown that at certain shorter wave length(253.70 nanometers) the UV light kills the harmful microorganisms present in the water by breaking down the DNA structure to destroy the reproduction systems of the microorganisms so that there are no future generation of these organisms. Ultraviolet water treatment kills about 99.99% of the germs, safely without changing the taste of water or leaving behind any residues and byproducts. It is simple, safe, effective and proven way to disinfect the water we consume.

Is it necessary to pre-treat the water for the ultraviolet system to work?

The water has to be filtered by a 5 micron sediment filter installed upstream to eliminate the possibility of large particles blocking the UV light and making it ineffective. It is also advisable to add carbon filters after the sediment filter to remove organic compounds that may absorb UV radiation thereby reducing the amount of radiation available for disinfection purpose. If your water contains other contaminants such as iron, calcium carbonate, additional filters may be required. All these filters must be installed upstream before the UV system. It is advisable to install UV system inside the house to safeguard it from the outside elements and also to keep it at room temperature.

How to determine the right size of UV system suitable for me?

It depends on the size of your family and itís water requirement expressed in peak flow rate which is simply the measure of water that flows through the main line when all your water outlets are open. A small household may have a peak flow rate of 26 liters per minute and for a bigger family the flow rate may go up to 56 liters per minute. Simply choose the right one depending on the peak flow rate for your family. You can also choose the size of your UV system by the number of bathrooms you have at your home. The following table may illustrate the point.

Number of Bathrooms in Your Homes
Flow Rates
(in gpm)


How much energy a UV bulb will consume and how often I would have to change it?

Typically a UV light consumes the energy of 80 watt bulb used in homes and UV water purification system is the most cost effective and safe water treatment system available to safeguard your familyís health.

The UV light bulb is designed to generate the necessary UV light with the right intensity for only one year of continuous use. After that, the UV light generates less radiation though the lamp continues to burn. But it will not produce adequate amount of UV light necessary for disinfection thereby reducing the efficiency of the unit. Like other light bulbs, UV bulbs too dim with age and the amount of UV light radiation becomes less over a period of time. So it is necessary to replace them after a year even though they burn and seem to be healthy.

Can this UV system be turned off when I am not using water?

NO. When you turn off the system you stop the disinfection process. The microorganisms may take advantage of this situation and may spread and contaminate the distribution lines and other water bodies connected to it. Frequent starting and stopping may reduce the life span of the UV lamp and the ballast. Besides, the UV system is designed for continuous use and stopping it will affect itís efficiency.

What type of maintenance is needed for UV water purification system?

Cleaning of the UV bulb is not necessary since every bulb has a sleeve to protect it. Over a period of time, minerals present in water are deposited on the sleeve forming a coating which if not removed every three months will block the radiation thereby affecting the purification process. So these are to be removed using scale removers.

What is Reverse Osmosis System?

This is the ultimate solution to all your water needs and has different plans to suit individual needs of any type. This system guarantees safe drinking water for your whole family. It is ultra safe and gives you ultra pure drinking water and treats any type of water such as well water, hard water and tap water with fast water output. It comes with virtually no maintenance except changing just 3 pre-filters once a year or every 4,000 gallons.

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