Weight Loss Tips:Useful Protein Facts To Lose Fat

The knowledge of protein facts is the necessary part of weight loss tips to understand the part played by proteins in your diet so as to plan a balanced weight loss diet suitable to your metabolism.

Proteins are vital to your body and can be called the building blocks of your body tissues.Your body is merely a combination of cells containing chemicals with protein as the basic ingredient. Proteins play an important role in building your body tissues and also act as repairing agents for the wear and tear of tissues.

All proteins are made up of different combination of 23 different amino acids and are used for building body tissues of various types.The protein in your food is broken down to basic amino acids which are used as building blocks of unique proteins required for building body tissues.Among these 23 amino acids,8 are vitally important for your body.If any one of these 8 important amino acids is absent from your diet serious health problems may arise.

There are certain foods which contain all the essential 8 amino acids and are called "the complete proteins".They are mentioned below.



3)pulses,beans,vegetables and fruits.

It is advisable to add foods containing all the above in your diet.You should include in your diet at least one or more complete proteins mentioned above.

People undergoing weight loss program require ample complete proteins in their diet to keep the body tissues healthy,otherwise you would lose weight by losing muscle tissues which is not advisable.Your weight loss should be caused by fat loss only and not by muscle tissue loss.Proteins also help boost and optimize the metabolic rate of your body and burn fat to lose weight.

Consumption of certain nuts such as walnuts,almonds and to some extent peanuts is good since these contain healthy proteins which satisfy your hunger by controlling brain's appetite center.

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