Weight Loss Tips:Motivation By The Knowledge Of Health Hazards

The first and foremost of the weight loss tips is to develop the strong motivation to succeed in your weight loss program by acquiring the knowledge about the health hazards of being overweight and obese.Obesity affects your health in more ways than one.

We all know the major health hazards of obesity are heart ailments and diabetes.What we do not know is that there are less discussed health hazards which we have to take note of.

Premature aging is one of the health hazards of obesity.When a person puts on weight and fat, the body shape and appearance change due to excess fat deposits under the skin.This excess fat deposit causes excess perspiration, extra skin wrinkles and stretch marks making the person appear older than he or she actually is.Obese persons also suffer from joint pains,lower back pain and weak libido which are the sure signs of premature aging.

Obesity may also cause back pain.The back bone of our body supports the weight of our body and when it is overloaded as in the case of an obese person,back pain develops causing lot of discomfort.It also causes joint pains in some obese people.

The breathing mechanism of an obese person is under strain and he or she is always short of breath.An obese person undergoing surgery poses problem for the anaesthetist as anaesthesia involves inhalation of gas which is safe for a normal person but may create complications and may even prove fatal to the obese.

Obesity may cause hormonal imbalance in men due to the decreased production of male sex hormone resulting in low sex drive.

Obesity also affects women especially during pregnancy and childbirth leading to complications such as high blood pressure and other related problems.Obesity may also affect the menstrual cycle of women.

The risk of diabetes which is a silent killer and the heart related ailments(due to fat deposits in the arteries) increase for the obese and the list is endless.

So the importance of achieving success in your weight loss program cannot be overemphasized.

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