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In the initial days of my quest for weight loss tips during my visits to my family doctor,I often inquired about other fast fat reduction methods for quick results.I summarize his replies in brief here for your benefit.

There are certain surgical methods to remove fat in certain exceptional overweight patients as a last resort.


In this process the extra fat and overhanging skin in certain areas such as thigh,knee,abdomen,arm and chin where there are ugly bulges and skin folds are removed surgically.The patient is required to be hospitalized for about a week depending upon the scar and number of stitches.


In this method fat is sucked out through a tube inserted in selected fat areas and fat is sucked out by a suction machine.This operation should be done with great caution as excess fat removal may prove fatal.


In this method,the stomach is folded to reduce the stomach space so that the quantity of food intake is reduced and the person is made to feel full and sated by less quantity of food.


In this method the first part of intestines is removed surgically resulting in less absorption of food.


In this method a small non toxic balloon is placed in the stomach and inflated, effectively reducing the space available for food.This acts exactly like stapling method.

All these surgical methods should be considered only when all other methods fail to produce results.These methods need hospitalization and may lead to other complications.

There are also certain drugs used (or abused) to suppress appetite, resulting in less food consumption.

There is also hormone treatment given to supplement the hormones produced by the thyroid gland to increase the metabolic rate causing more fat to be burned.

These methods are better avoided as these may cause dangerous side effects such as high blood pressure,restlessness,drug tolerance etc....

All these methods must be used under the supervision and guidance of trained and experienced doctor.

The better way to fight fat would be to find the causes of obesity and removing them.It is advisable to use the conventional methods of proper workouts and dieting which may not give quick results but at least will be free of harmful side effects.

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