Weight Loss Tips:Know Fat Facts to Fight Fat

The purpose of weight loss tips is to make people understand fat facts to know why and how people become fat. It is important to understand fat before fighting it if you want to win the battle.

fat facts-1:

We all know that we get the fat from the food we eat.Fat can be made from protein,carbohydrates and fats in the food we take.Fats are important part of the food and are good source of energy.Fats also act as insulating barrier.

When food is swallowed it goes down to the stomach and intestines.Here the food is broken down by the enzymes and is turned into glucose,amino-acids and fat.This fat is converted into fatty acid and glycerol which is again converted into glycogen to be used for releasing energy or stored in the liver.When the storage becomes full in the liver,the glycogen is converted into fat and stored in the fat cells underneath the skin and other parts of the body.

fat facts-2:

Fat in right quantities are vital to our good health.Fat in our body plays the following roles to keep our body healthy.

1)Fats act as thermal insulator against external temperatures for our body parts.

2)Fats are useful in keeping your skin soft and glowing.

3)Fats are useful in transporting certain essential fat soluble vitamins throughout the body.

4)Fats act as lubricants in the joints.

5)Fats also act as cushion to certain vital organs such as kidney and liver as they are positioned on a bed of fat.

Only excess fat in the body due to bad eating habits is harmful to health and fat in right quantities is essential for a healthy body.

fat facts-3:

There are different types of fat.These are as follows.

*Saturated fats

We get these from meats,cheese,butter and milk.

*polyunsaturated fats

We get these from sunflower oil,cottonseed oil,corn oil

*mono-saturated fats

We get these from olive oil,peanut oil.

*trans fats

These are obtained by hydrogenation of polyunsaturated oil.

Among these fats,only mono-saturated fats are the best recommended for consumption.Use cooking methods which reduce fat intake such as baking and steaming.When people consume more saturated fats,their bodies store the fat in the abdomen surrounding liver,pancreas and intestines.This is called visceral fat and known to cause diabetes,fatty liver and heart problems.Use vegetable oils such as sunflower oil,soyabean oil and peanut oil for cooking as these contain unsaturated fatty acids which are better for health.Use low fat milk and banish cream and cheese from the food you eat.

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