Weight Loss Tips:Use Fiber,Vegetables and Fruits Fibre Nutrition To Fight Fat

As part of the weight loss tips you can use fiber to fight fat effectively.To know more read on...

Fiber nutrition is obtained through the consumption of soluble hence digestible fiber present in the form of cellulose in all raw fruits,berries and vegetables such as all green leafy vegetables(e.g spinach), onions,pumpkin,carrot,lettuce,sprouts,beans,cucumber etc...Vegetables fiber and fruits fiber are soluble fibers which have lots of nutrition value.

What are the types of dietary fiber?

Fiber can be defined as that part of food which is not easily digestible but which mainly helps in making easy and smooth bowel movement.Fiber is present only in plant foods and is not found in animal foods such as meats and dairy foods.There are two types of fibers which are soluble fiber and insoluble fiber.That which dissolves in water is called soluble fiber and the one that does not dissolve is called insoluble fiber.

Soluble fiber nutrition is available in vegetables fiber and fruits fiber.This type of fiber slows down the emptying of the stomach and causes a feeling of fullness which makes us stop eating.It also causes slow absorption of food resulting in less production of insulin preventing weight|fat gain.

Insoluble fiber is found in whole grains.This type of fiber does not have any nutritional value but adds soft bulk to the waste products after digestion and mainly acts as nature's laxative and helps in easy excretion of waste products out of the body.

High fiber nutrition diet is low fat diet and requires lot of water intake.This satisfies the appetite centers of the brain and induces a sense of fullness making you stop eating.High fiber nutrition diet stops the absorption of fat and make the metabolism use more energy for digestion.Fiber acts like a web trapping fat particles and excreting them without allowing fat to be absorbed by the body.

What is soluble fiber?

1.Soluble fiber supplies fiber nutrition that is helpful in decreasing the risk of bladder cancer,breast and uterine cancer and colon cancer.Soluble fiber is obtained from vegetables and fruits that also supply vitamins,minerals and phyto-chemicals as an added bonus that are essential for health.Everyone knows that vegetables and fruits supply fiber,vitamins and minerals but few know about phyto-chemicals and their role.Some of the phyto chemicals are mentioned below.

a)Allium family:

The allium family comprises of about more than thousand species that include onion, garlic, shallot ,leek and chive.They produce certain sulfide compounds that help break down and eliminate cancer causing agents.It is a well known fact that those who consume more garlic are less susceptible to stomach and colon cancer as garlic inhibits the growth of cencer cells.


Anthocyanins are water soluble plant pigments that help prevent heart ailments and act as Anti oxidants.These are available in black berry,black raspberry,bilberry,crane berry,red raspberry,cherry,straw berry and purple grapes.


This substance is known to strengthen the immune system,fight eye problems and skin disorders.This is a compound found in red and orange colored fruits such as papayas and mangoes,crude palm oil,carrots and green leafy vegetables such spinach.


These are naturally occurring plant pigments.Those who consume carotenoid rich natural foods such as fruits and vegetables, are found to be resistant to many chronic illnesses.

e)Cruciferous vegetables:

Vegetables that fall in this category are cabbage,cauliflower and broccoli.These vegetables increase the body’s resistance to breast,colon,lung,prostate and bladder cancers.

f)Ellagic acid:

Eleagic acid,benzoaric acid,elagostasine, gallogen fall in this category and is known to possess anti oxidant,anti cancer properties by binding with the cancer cells to inhibit theirgrowth. Ellagic acid is available in red fruits and all types of berries especially raspberries.Plants produce ellagic acid to protect themselves from viral and bacterial infection and pests hence they have anti viral and anti bacterial properties.


These have anti oxidant,anti cancer,anti microbial,anti allergic properties.They act against some heart diseases and blood circulatory disorders. Foods rich in flavonoids are onions,green and white tea,pulses,red wine and all citrus fruits.

h)Indoles:These have anti cancer properties.Foods rich in indoles are cabbage,cauliflower and broccoli.


These have anti oxidant and anti cancer properties.They help fight against heart diseases,menopause problems and also help in improving bone density.Foods rich in isoflavones are tofu and soy milk.


This belongs to the carotenoid family and is present in high quantities in tomatoes,watermelon,papaya and pink grape fruit.Lycopene is more concentrated after cooking of tomatoes hence tomato sauce contains more lycopene than raw tomato.

What is the best fiber food?

Popcorn is found to be the best of cereal foods full of protein and very high in fiber.It is a non-fattening food and if taken regularly improves bowel movement to keep you healthy and fit.

How fiber helps weight loss?

Studies show that high fiber diet is found to induce weight loss. People who consume high fiber diet are less prone to obesity and it’s related issues. This is so because a high fiber diet is simply a low fat diet. Fiber is most useful for weight loss because it contains less calories for it’s volume.

How fiber helps weight loss? Fiber particle is like a fishing net that traps fat globules and takes them through the intestines to expel them by excretion without the fat being absorbed by the body. Due to this unique property, fiber acts as fat remover which helps weight loss. This way high fiber diet stops the absorption of fat and also burn up extra calories.

High fiber diet is also called negative calories diet because it consumes more calories for digestion than it supplies. This creates a shortfall in calories which the body has to make up by burning stored fat cells for the digestion of high fiber diet thereby reducing body fat and weight. For instance one gram of fiber needs about 10 calories for digestion and if you consume 25 grams of fiber then you spend 250 calories for the digestion of fiber without eating less or doing exercises.

Another plus point about high fiber diet is that it needs lot of water intake as fiber has the capacity to absorb water to provide bulk to the diet for easy excretion. Besides it makes you feel full quickly to stop you eating further thereby helping you to lose weight. The duo fiber and water take time to digest and you do not feel the need to eat again for quite sometime. They also fill your stomach to satisfy the hunger centers of the brain.

About 10% of food starch tends to bind to fiber and is difficult to digest because it is resistant to enzymes of the digestive process. This resistant starch is broken down to fatty acids which are vital for bowel health by bacteria present in colon. These fatty acids have anti cancer properties and protect colon from cancer. Fiber attaches to cholesterol and bile acids to prevent their absorption into the body. Fiber needs chewing longer and causes more saliva to be produced adding bulk to the food.

Studies show that there is a relationship between low fiber consumption and incidence of many diseases and conditions such as diabetes, gallstones, obesity, constipation, appendicitis, hemorrhoids, colon cancer, hernia, heart diseases, high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer etc…

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