Know Obesity To Fight It Better

Obesity can be described as the body condition duly marked by excessive storage of fat throughout the body.If your weight is more than your ideal weight(as per height&weight chart)+40% of ideal weight then you can be called obese.The main causes of obesity are your metabolism,improper food habits,lack of adequate and proper exercises and lastly due to your genes.

Metabolism can be best described as the sum total of all the complex chemical processes that happen in your body for the functions shown below.

1.the maintenance,growth and replenishment of body tissues

2.the production of heat and energy for muscular activities.

Everybody's metabolism is unique and differs from person to person.Metabolism has a rate of functioning which is fast or slow.If your metabolism rate is slow then you tend to acquire fat and a fast metabolism rate means just the opposite.

The other cause of obesity is improper food habits.Food is the source of energy and heat for the body.When you overeat or take wrong foods,the body stores the excess energy it gets in the form of fat.

Obesity can also be in your genes.This means that you may be pre-programmed to become obese.Children born of obese parents tend to become obese.Heredity does play a role in the fat distribution pattern in your body.

Lack of proper physical activity coupled with overeating can also cause obesity.If the body does not burn up the energy it gets from the food intake by way of physical activity you tend to put on more weight|fat.Regular appropriate exercises help fight obesity.

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