your weight loss experience

This page is created for the purpose of learning from the genuine weight loss|fat loss experiences of the viewers. It is said that experience is the best teacher.It is good to learn from other person's experience positive or negative.Write about your experiences and the deserving ones will be published in this website.I want this page to be an interactive one.

One of my friends undergoing a weight loss program had a horrific experience.This is his story in his own words.

"I started my weight loss program with determination and everything went well.I combined proper workouts with suitable diet and after a month my weight was the same as before.I increased the intensity of my workouts and the result after a month was marginal.I was anxious to have fast results and in desperation I took some appetite suppressing pills I purchased over the counter without consulting my doctor.I had allergic reactions to the pills which I did not expect to happen and I was hospitalized for a week costing me financially.I felt foolish and came home with an empty purse and a bruised ego".

The lesson we all should learn from this is that we should avoid experimenting with pills without doctor's prescription.

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