Weight Loss Tips:What Are Carbohydrates Nutrition Facts?

what are carbohydrates?

One of the important weight loss tips is to know and minimize the main source of fat which is refined carbohydrates.

The carbohydrates are the main source of energy which fuels our body cells.There are two types of carbohydrates namely refined carbohydrates and unrefined natural carbohydrates.

The refined carbohydrates are also called bad carbs because they are poor in fiber content.Refined carbohydrates are found in refined white flour,sweets,ice cream etc..and are easily converted to glucose and quickly absorbed into the blood stream.This increased level of glucose in the blood stream triggers the production of insulin in pancreas to bring down the glucose levels in the blood stream.

When glucose levels drop,the body cells and the brain cells are starved of glucose which is the source of energy.This causes the brain to activate the hunger center in the brain to order for more food consumption.The excess food intake causes more rise in glucose levels which again triggers more insulin production.The excess calories are converted into fat and stored.When this process is repeated over a period of time the pancreas is weakened due to the continuous excess production of insulin and wears out resulting in less and less production of insulin leading to diabetes.The increased insulin production also inhibits the production of protein called 'glucagon'the main job of which is to burn fat cells for energy.Due to low levels of 'glucagon', the fat is stored,not burned.

The unrefined natural carbohydrates are called good carbs because they take time to get converted into glucose and hence absorbed into the blood stream gradually causing gradual increase of insulin levels.This low level of insulin production causes less fat storage.Besides good carbs contain more fibre and fills the stomach quickly reducing the food intake.Good carbs take time to get digested due to high fiber content causing more fat to be burned for the process of digestion.

Contrary to popular belief low carb diets are harmful to health.Low carb diets make the body burn not only fat but also protein which is bad for the muscle tissues affecting muscle development.Prolonged intake of low carb diet may cause kidney and liver problems.A diet of good carbs with low fat content is good for health.AVOID LOW CARB DIETS.

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