Green Tea Weight Loss Diet- Where To buy Green Tea

Green tea can be defined as the tea that has undergone minimum oxidization during the processing period and which is made solely with the leaves of ĎCamellia sinensisí.

Green tea originated in china and has spread throughout South Asia wherever the atmosphere is conducive to itís growth.The qualities and properties vary depending upon the soil of cultivation,climatic conditions obtaining at the place of cultivation and the process of cultivation.Green tea is famous for itís taste as a beverage and also for many medicinal properties it has.It improves the overall health of the person if taken regularly.

The problem with green tea is the presence of plant compounds such as caffeine.Some people are sensitive to caffeine which may trigger allergic reactions.Only those who are immune to caffeine can escape itís ill effects.If you are sensitive to caffeine it is better to avoid it or consult your doctor before consuming green tea.

To overcome the side effect problems,three top varieties of organic green tea leaves are blended in right proportions to increase the medicinal properties and taste.This blend is called Tava tea which effectively combines the healing properties of three high quality organic green tea varieties.This potent blend consists of three top varieties namely organic Wuyi Cliff Oolong green tea,Puerh green tea and Sencha green tea.All these three varieties are acclaimed for their medicinal and healing properties.

The organic green tea Wuyi Cliff Oolong also contains powerful polyphenols that play the role of potent antioxidants that stop free radicals from damaging the cell walls.This tea also acts as metabolism booster to burn excess body fats quicker.Regular consumption of this tea helps burn calories two times more effectively compared to other varieties of green tea,thereby helping weight loss.

The Puerh green tea originated in china.The Chinese people have been consuming this tea for hundreds of years.This green tea is also known as medicinal tea.This tea is taken after meals as it has anti-bloating properties and also helps digest fat.Taken regularly, this green tea brings down the cholesterol levels.

The Sencha green tea contains high quantities of powerful antioxidants called Catechins that has the properties of lowering the risk of heart diseases.

The Tawa green tea by blending these three top quality green teas has acquired all the combined medicinal properties and so has become very effective in improving overall health.

Tawa green tea acts as a tasty weight loss diet supplement if integrated into the daily diet and exercise plan.This green tea will help you burn fat if consumed on a regular basis.Five cups of Tawa tea if taken daily will burn 80 calories more than usual.Studies have shown that this green tea boosts the metabolism to burn fat faster.Green tea has not always been considered for weight loss until recent studies have shown its fat burning properties and its ability to boost the metabolism. This green tea has no unhealthy side effects such as heart palpitations, dizziness which are commonly experienced due to usage of other weight loss supplements. Many people integrate green tea into their daily diet and exercise plan.

Tawa green tea is full of antioxidants that prevent plaque formation in the artery walls thereby reducing the risk of heart attack.If taken regularly this green tea brings down the cholesterol levels hence people with high cholesterol levels should consume this tea regularly.The anti-inflammatory property of this green tea is good for smooth heart function.The natural antioxidant called EGCG(Epigallocatechin gallate) in high amounts present in Tawa green tea boosts your metabolism too.

Regular consumption of Tawa tea is good for skin because the presence of anti-oxidants in this tea acts against skin issues like acne and slows down the aging process by preventing skin wrinkles.The people of Japan have been consuming this tea for centuries hence they have fewer wrinkles and even old people look young.

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Tawa green tea is also used as mouth wash by some East Asian societies as it contains fluoride that prevents formation of plaque on teeth.It also strengthens the gum and teeth to prevent tooth decay.

Tawa tea also has anti cancer properties as the studies conducted on animals show.

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