Precautions To Be Taken Before Attending Hoodia Sales-Where To Buy Hoodia Gordonii

This weight loss supplement is to be taken only by those who do not have other health issues such as high blood pressure,diabetes,cholesterol,depression and others for which they are under medication.


Do not buy hoodia without knowing itís side effects.Just because some African bush men took hoodia to ward off hunger and thirst during hunting trips does not mean that you should also take it to suppress hunger.The bush men were slim and healthy and did not suffer from the curse of our so called advanced civilization such as diabetes,high blood pressure,cholesterol and pollution.Besides there were no long time study conducted on them to know the real side effects of hoodia.Anything that manipulates the bodyís natural appetite mechanism has to have some side effects.

Hoodia may interact with your medications for other ailments such as depression,diabetes and other health issues.

Hoodia effectively switches off the thirst centers in the brain and so you may not feel thirsty leading to dehydration and possible death.So if you use hoodia,you must take water often even if you are not thirsty.

This natural weight loss supplement tricks the brain into believing that it has enough glucose levels in the blood so that the appetite center in the brain is not activated.This is the reason why you do not have hunger.This is dangerous for those who suffer from diabetes because they will not get any warning from the brain since the hunger mechanism is turned off.

Another problem with hoodia is that there are many fakes in the market who claim to be real hoodia which they are not.Always buy the genuine product to have effective weight loss fast.How to know the genuine from the fakes?The following points may help.

1.It must be produced and exported from south Africa which only has the suitable climatic conditions for the hoodia plant to grow.

2.It must have hoodia gordonii as the only ingredient 100% and no other when you check the ingredients contained in the product.

3.If it is cheap,it is fake.This is so because hoodia plant is an endangered plant species facing possible extinction and does not come cheap.There are many government regulations on production and export to be met which increases the production cost.

4.Check for the laboratory test conducted on the product by looking for the date of lab test and the documentation to prove it in the selling companyís website.Fake hoodia product will not have any information about lab tests conducted on it.

In 2003 BBC(British Broadcasting Corporation) sent itís reporter to Kalahari desert to study and report about the newly found appetite suppressing qualities of the extract of herbal plant hoodia.The report explains about the medicinal properties of the plant which are as follows.


Hoodia Gordonii is a plant unique to Kalahari desert and itís extract contains the substance known as p57 which has very powerful appetite suppressing quality.It can reduce your food intake by a thousand calories which makes it one of the top weight loss supplements available in the market.

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